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boundariesAuthor(s): Henry Cloud & John Townsend
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: $2.99       (Mar 24 Only)
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Boundaries is the book that’s helped over 2 million people learn when to say yes and know how to say no in order to take control of their lives.

Does your life feel like it’s out of control? Perhaps you feel like you have to say yes to everyone’s requests. Maybe you find yourself readily taking responsibility for others’ feelings and problems. Or perhaps you focus so much on being loving and unselfish that you’ve forgotten your own limits and limitations. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

In the New York Times bestseller, Boundaries, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend help you learn when to say yes and know how to say no in order to take control of your life and set healthy, biblical boundaries with your spouse, children, friends, parents, co-workers, and even yourself.

Now updated and expanded for the digital age, this book continues to help millions of people around the world answer these tough questions:

Can I set limits and still be a loving person?
What are legitimate boundaries?
How do I effectively manage my digital life so that it doesn’t control me?
What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries?
How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money?
Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries?
How do boundaries relate to mutual submission within marriage?
Aren’t boundaries selfish?
You don’t have to let your life spiral out of control. Discover how boundaries make life better today!

Plus, check out Boundaries family collection of books dedicated to key areas of life – dating, marriage, raising kids, parenting teens, and leadership. Workbooks and Spanish editions are also available.

Author(s): Lynn Landes
Publisher: N/A
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

Glenn Ward needs a miracle. His wife is dying and leaving behind twin newborn sons. He returns from the war a changed man. Guilt stains his soul, and anger is growing in his heart.
Anika Coltrane needs a miracle of her own. After burying her husband and newborn daughter on the same day, she is in a desperate situation. How will she care for her six year old daughter?
An answered prayer brings two families together. Anika agrees to become a wet-nurse for the family. Delaney needs a safe place to grow up, away from sorrow and fear. Will they find shelter with the Ward family?
Two broken-hearted families must find a way to move past the pain and choose forgiveness. Will they feed the shadows growing in their hearts or allow God to heal their wounds?

the power of positive prayingAuthor(s): John R. Bisagno
Publisher: B&H Publishing
Price: $1.99       (Ends Mar 26)
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Jesus was our model and teacher in prayer. By His life and His lips our Lord’s constant fellowship with the Father pointed to the necessity of ours. But Jesus didn’t pray merely as an example to us. For thirty-three years, He lived as a man, tempted in all points like as are we. He prayed because He had to pray. He prayed because He must.

In this 50th anniversary edition of The Power of Positive Praying, Dr. Bisagno expands this classic work with eight new chapters on prayer.

If the Son of God prioritized prayer, how more must we? And His prayers were answered as will be ours, if like Him we pray in His Will, in His Word and in Faith. For that’s the power of positive praying.

Author(s): Sam Gordon
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

“Sam Gordon’s book is nothing short of a classic commentary on Ephesians. It is written with excellence.”
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Ephesians has a real Texan feel to it. It’s big! Really big! Big on blessings. Big on peace and reconciliation. Big on prayer. Big on church. Big on marriage. Big on relationships. Big on handling conflict. Above all, big on grace and big on God!

A commentary of Ephesians, The Genius of Grace is the fourth book in the Truth for Today series.

“Every time I read a book by Sam Gordon I am instructed, blessed, and challenged.”
President, Back to the Bible International

“A welcome addition to my library. I found it hard to put down. Its message is inspirational and potentially life changing.”
Chairman, Fellowship of European Broadcasters

“Invaluable to any preacher and a treasure for every reader.”
Portstewart Baptist Church

“A well-illustrated look at a life transforming letter.”
Director, Capernwray Hall

“Sam has the ability to dig deep theological wells that yield clear, refreshing truth . . . this one is worth having and worth reading.”
Senior Pastor, Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC

Author(s): Klaus Issler
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Why does merely understanding and trying hard to follow the example of Jesus often yield little progress–and even less joy and peace?

In this foundational work of Christian formation, Klaus Issler derives insights from the life of Jesus in the Gospels to uncover the dynamics of becoming Christlike. You will discover how you can forge much deeper connections with Jesus so that his life begins to permeate your own character.

according to promiseAuthor(s): Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: GLH Publishing
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

In this classic work from Spurgeon he explores in twenty chapters who the promises of Scripture are for how to know if you are among the promise. It is a work which will both convict and comfort but most of all encourage you on your way to the Celestial City.

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