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Get your e-book featured in the most visible place on our website.

With this service, your book will be featured right below our header logo on our homepage as well as the daily deals page (see example day). Not only will it be seen above-the-fold on both desktop and mobile, but it is also completely immune to ad-blockers. This makes it perform exponentially better than standard banner ads.

You may choose to use one of our three template designs (Dark, Blue, and Green) or you may provide your own design (it must be 1512 x 500px).

This service is available for $40 per day (or a special discount for 3 and 7 days).

You can see the placement (using our green template) below:


If you’re ready to proceed with promoting your e-book, please fill out the form below. After we review your request, you will be sent an invoice, usually within 24 hours.

  • Your Information

    In order to promote your e-book, we need you to select all three faith affirmations above.

    If you cannot affirm (or need clarification on) a particular statement above, please leave the appropriate box unchecked and give an explanation in the comments section (at the bottom of this form).
  • Book Information

  • Please provide a direct link to your book on Amazon.
  • If you want your e-book featured on a specific date or during a specific time window, please let us know. If you are flexible, we will provide you with a list of available dates after the invoice is paid.

    NOTE: We cannot start or end a premium feature on a Sunday (our day off). However, it can run through a Sunday if you are purchasing 3 or 7 days.
    Would you like us to use our Dark, Blue or Green template (which requires no work on your part) or would you like to provide your own 1512 x 500px design?

    If you use our template, the elements we use of yours is the book cover, author name, and book title.
  • Optional Upgrades

  • For an additional $39 ($11 off regular price), we can also list your e-book on our site as one of the daily deals. Your e-book will also be included in our daily deals e-mail (8000+ subscribers) on the day it is posted.

    This offer is HIGHLY recommended as it provides an incredible amount of value for the cost.
  • For an additional $40 ($10 off the regular price), we can help you reach an even larger audience by sending out a social media blast that promotes your e-book.

    We'll use this image template and then share it as a unique post to our 27,000+ Twitter & Facebook followers on the day your e-book is posted.
  • BRAND NEW FOR 2022.

    Our e-mail blast is the best way to promote your e-book! We’ll send out an e-mail to our 8,000+ subscribers on the day you choose that will ONLY promote your book. We’ll use our attractive e-mail template, so you don’t have to worry about designing or coding.

    To see how this differs from the e-book listing, see page 6 of our advertising kit.
  • Questions/Comments

  • Do you have any questions or is there anything else you want to mention?

To learn more about Gospel eBooks or to view additional advertising options, please see our advertising kit. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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