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Author(s): Josh Khachadourian
Publisher: N/A
Price: FREE       Buy Now!

Who sets the standard for men?
With no shortage of voices competing for the definition of masculinity, Josh Khachadourian has emerged with one single war cry: “Jesus is the Standard.”
Inside of “The Standard” you’ll discover the ancient disciplines, actions and methods of the Master empowering your breakthrough so you can reach your maximum potential with nothing holding you back.
Do you struggle balancing work, family and spiritual life? Discover the morning routine Jesus used to master his time, influence others, take territory and change the world.
Do you think life would be easier if you knew how to ethically control conversations and share your thoughts and opinions powerfully? Discover the little-known ways Jesus used to communicate and how using them shifts everything.
Too weak? Too masculine? Too Toxic? The world is wrestling over the definition of masculinity. Inside you’ll discover exactly what Jesus modeled for manhood and how you too can take dominion in every area of your life.
Balancing our marriage, kids, business and spiritual life is hard. When you know the one secret Jesus shares you’ll see the unfair advantage men really have when they choose to access it.
‘The Standard’ is a no fluff playbook where you will learn and build high-performance habits in your life.
Get started today and own “The Standard.”

Author(s): Becky Harling
Publisher: David C. Cook
Price: FREE       (Ends July 26)
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One of the most powerful ways to love your kids may surprise you: develop a habit of praising God. In The 30-Day Praise Challenge for Parents, Becky Harling invites you to praise God for twenty minutes a day for one month. You’ll be amazed at how praising God:
Quiets your anxiety about your kids
Provides a shelter of protection over your family
Breaks the chains of generational sin
Deepens your children’s faith
Strengthens your own spiritual life
Arranged topically, this book includes a list of selected songs and creative ideas for continuing the habit of praise throughout your parenting journey.

Becky Harling is a sought-after speaker and the author of several books. Her degree in biblical literature, and her experience as a missionary, women’s ministries director, and breast cancer survivor, bring depth to her message. Becky’s husband, Steve, is pastor at Foothills Community Church in Arvada, Colorado. Becky and Steve have four grown children and five grandchildren.


Author(s): Ted Dekker
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $3.99       (July 17 Only)
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Enjoy Ted Dekker’s bestselling Lost Books now available in one volume.

Four heroic young Forest Guards will be chosen . . . and then stretched to their limits.

One of the chosen faces a staggering choice: How can he save those he loves without betraying his own people?

Nothing could have prepared them for the showdown that one of their own is luring them into.

Trapped in a new world, they must find the last book before the Dark One can in this epic battle that crosses worlds, tests allegiances, and plays for keeps.

Not all is as it seems and the chosen ones are questioning their very sanity. For the only way to win may be to lose.

Assumed identies, a magic amulet, the fearsome Shataiki bats, and a troubling alliance with the Dark Priest all converge against the three remaining chosen.


Author(s): Donald MacLeod
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Price: $2.99       (July 16-17)
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If we believe in God’s sovereign predestination, how can we offer Christ to sinners indiscriminately? How could someone who knew that no one can come to Christ unless the Father draws them still plead with them to look to the Saviour? The Bible clearly entreats us to go after the lost, so Donald Macleod tackles the objections raised by those who argue that since there is no universal redemption there should be no universal gospel offer.

Author(s): Mark Buchanan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (July 16 Only)
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Widely-acclaimed author Mark Buchanan states that what we’ve really lost is “the rest of God-the rest God bestows and, with it, that part of Himself we can know only through stillness.” Stillness as a virtue is a foreign concept in our society, but there is wisdom in God’s own rhythm of work and rest. Jesus practiced Sabbath among those who had turned it into a dismal thing, a day for murmuring and finger-wagging, and He reminded them of the day’s true purpose: liberation-to heal, to feed, to rescue, to celebrate, to lavish and relish life abundant.

With this book, Buchanan reminds us of this and gives practical advice for restoring the sabbath in our lives.


Author(s): Pete Greig
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: $1.99       (July 15 Only)
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What do you do when God is silent? Writing out of the pain of his wife’s fight for life but also the wonder of watching the prayer movement they founded touch many lives, Pete Greig wrestles with the dark side of prayer and emerges with a hard-won message of hope, comfort, and profound biblical insight for all who suffer in silence.

Pete Greig, the acclaimed author of Red Moon Rising, has written his most intensely personal and honest account yet in God on Mute, a book born out of his wife Sammy’s fight for her life and diagnosis of a debilitating brain tumor. Greig asks the timeless questions of what it means to suffer and to pray and to suffer through the silence because your prayers seem unanswered. This silence, Greig relates, is the hardest thing. The world collapses. Then all goes quiet. Words can’t explain, don’t fit, won’t work. People avoid you and don’t know what to say. So you turn to Him and you pray. You need Him more than ever before. But somehow . . . even God Himself seems on mute. In this heart-searching, honest, and deeply profound book, Pete Greig looks at the hard side of prayer, how to respond when there seem to be no answers, and how to cope with those who seek to interpret our experience for us. Here is a story of faith, hope, and love beyond all understanding.


Author(s): Dr. Jason Lisle
Publisher: Master Books
Price: $2.99       (July 14-15)
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The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky offers everything you need to explore the remarkable beauty of the stars, moon, and planets. Dr. Jason Lisle, a research scientist with a masters and Ph.D. in astrophysics provides a very thorough, practical and easy to read resource to fuel the curiosity of amateur astronomers ages 10 to 100.

Understand how the eye works to enhance your views of the night sky

Study the 150 stunning, full-color star charts to learn the names and placement of constellations

Discover how to observe the galaxies with the naked eye

Learn how to choose and use a telescope

Investigate the celestial motions and events

Learn best practices for astrophotography

These simple tips and tricks from Dr. Lisle will make your stargazing sessions go from mediocre to spectacular. The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky is the size of a hardcover textbook, boasting 240 glossy pages of education for the hobby astronomer or science student. This resource is excellent for the family, couples, or individuals who like to learn and explore the beauty of God’s creation.


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