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1) seen on the home page and daily deals page (see example day) on the day you choose. We direct our Facebook and Twitter followers to the daily deals page every day (26,000+ followers).
2) featured in our daily deals e-mail (8000+ subscribers) on the day you choose (see example e-mail).
3) available in our archives (FreeCheap, or Deals) for at least 3 months.
4) available in our automated related posts system for at least 3 months.

This service is available for only $50.


If you’re ready to proceed with getting your e-book listed please fill out the form below. After we review your request, you will you be sent an invoice, usually within 24 hours (note: we are closed on Sundays).

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  • Please tell us what price your book will be on the date you want us to list it. It must be $4.99 or less to qualify.
  • We need to know how long your book will be available at a reduced price (if you intend to place it on sale). Please let us know the start date of your sale (if it hasn't started yet) and the last day it will be on sale for.

    If your book is permanently cheap (and it will not be reduced) further please write "N/A".
  • If you want your book listed on a specific date or during a specific time window, please let us know. If you are flexible, we will provide you with a list of available dates after the invoice is paid.

    Premium dates (available for $75): 1st of any month, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.
  • Optional Upgrades

  • Your book will be posted 3rd down from the top (two deals will be above it, four will be below it) on our website. We allow you the option to get your book displayed higher up for a nominal fee.
  • For an additional $40 ($10 off the regular price), we can help you reach an even larger audience by sending out a social media blast which promotes your e-book.

    We'll use this template and then share it as a unique post to our 26,000+ Twitter & Facebook followers on the day your e-book is posted.
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    Advertise your e-book in the most visible place on our website. This spot displays right below our header logo on our homepage as well as the daily deals page. Not only is it seen above-the-fold on both desktop and mobile, but it is also completely immune to ad-blockers. This makes it perform exponentially better than standard banner ads. Did we mention we're offering it to you at a discount too?

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The best way to market a book is to find out where your readers are and tell them about it. Your potential readers rely on Gospel eBooks to provide them the best deals on high quality Christian books, and they are hungry for more. No other marketing promotion I have tried has been as effective as GospeleBooks.net.

Testimonial Andrew Gilmore, author of Do No Work
Andrew Gilmore, author of Do No Work

I have advertised my kindle book (two different times now) on Gospel ebooks with great results. Each time I have had well over 500 kindle downloads on the promotion days.  On the days after the promotion, I see higher than normal downloads also. Gospel eBooks has very engaged readers.

Testimonial Brad Haven, author of Daily Devotions: Walking Daily in the New Testament and Proverbs
Brad Haven, author of Daily Devotions: Walking Daily in the New Testament and Proverbs

Thanks for your service! I must say, it is exceptionally effective. On the day you scheduled my book, I got over a thousand downloads and above 500 on the following day, making my book to shoot to number 1 in it’s category and number 133 in the entire kindle store. Thanks! Great service!

Testimonial Mcebo Metfula, author of The Supreme Court of Heaven
Mcebo Metfula, author of The Supreme Court of Heaven

The team behind Gospel eBooks is very professional and really have a kingdom of God mindset to help good biblical books get out to Christians at discount prices. Our book soared up to #16 in the total Christian books for free on Kindle in just 1 day!

Testimonial Greg Gordon, author of The Following of Christ and founder of SermonIndex.net
Greg Gordon, author of The Following of Christ and founder of SermonIndex.net

I used Gospel e-Books to promote my recently published book and I had great success. I highly recommend using them for your book promotions — your book will get tremendous exposure and, like my book, you will make a lot of sales. Jeremy is very knowledgeable and helpful and he runs an excellent site. I will use this service again for additional exposure for my book.

Testimonial Joan Arnsteen, author of Socrates, Jesus and Freedom
Joan Arnsteen, author of Socrates, Jesus and Freedom

Thanks for posting my book on your site. I was hoping we might give away 300-500 in 24 hours and we ended up giving away 2132.

Testimonial H.L. Hussmann, author of Letters From a Martyred Christian
H.L. Hussmann, author of Letters From a Martyred Christian
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