Once a poll reaches 100 votes the deal will activate. If there are less than 100 votes
in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

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Gospel e-books is working together with Christian publishers to allow you to choose what e-books you’d like to have discounted. Cast your vote below and the book with the most votes in each poll will be placed on sale soon after. If there are less than 100 total votes in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

Book details:

Good Book Company: Zeal without Burnout: Seven keys to a lifelong ministry of sustainable sacrifice by Christopher Ash vs. Gospel-Centred Leadership by Steve Timmis

New Leaf: When You See A Rainbow by Becki Dudley vs. The Answers Book for Kids Volume 6 by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

Christian Focus: Salvation by Crucifixion by Philip G. Ryken vs. From Glory to Golgotha: Controversal Issues in the Life of Christ by Donald MacLeod

Crossway: Comforts from Romans: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick vs. Romans (The Crossway Classic Commentaries) by Charles Hodge

Last week's winners:
Theologians You Should Know: An Introduction: From the Apostolic Fathers to the 21st Century (Crossway) Democracy in America: A New Abridgment for Students (Lexham Press) Plight of Man and the Power of God (Christian Focus) World Religions and Cults: Counterfeits of Christianity (Volume 1) (New Leaf) Hero: When An Ordinary Person Meets An Extraordinary God (The Good Book)

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