Once a poll reaches 100 votes the deal will activate. If there are less than 100 votes
in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

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Gospel e-books is working together with Christian publishers to allow you to choose what e-books you’d like to have discounted. Cast your vote below and the book with the most votes in each poll will be placed on sale soon after. If there are less than 100 total votes in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

Books in this Week's Poll

Kregel: Welcome to College by Jonathan Morrow vs. Is God Just a Human Invention? by Sean McDowell & Jonathan Morrow

Intervarsity Press: Zero Hour America: History’s Ultimatum over Freedom and the Answer We Must Give by Os Guinness vs. A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future by Os Guinness

Reformation Heritage: Christ All in All: What Christ Is Made to Believers by Philip Henry vs. Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness by Jeremy Walker

New Leaf: Adam: First and the Last by Simon Turpin vs. Searching for Adam: Genesis & the Truth About Man’s Origin by Dr Terry Mortenson

Good Book Company: Be True to Yourself: Why it Doesn’t Mean What you Think it Does (And How That Can Make you Happy) by Matt Fuller vs. Sipping Saltwater: How to find Lasting Satisfaction in a World of Thirst (Live Different) by Steve Hoppe

Crossway: To the Ends of the Earth: Calvin’s Missional Vision and Legacy by Michael A. G. Haykin & C. Jeffrey Robinson Sr. vs. Finish the Mission: Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached and Unengaged by John Piper & David Mathis

Christian Focus: Isaac Watts: His Life and Thought by Graham Beynon vs. Theodore Beza: The Man and the Myth by Shawn D. Wright


Last Week's Winners!

Each deal comes live on a different day of the week and is available for $2.99 for 48 hours only.

Minority Report (Christian Focus)
Theologians You Should Know (Crossway)
The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (Good Book Company)
The Priority of Making Disciples (New Leaf)
The Foundation of Communion with God (Reformation Heritage)
An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth (Intervarsity Press)
From the Ground Up (Kregel)
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