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covenantal lifeAuthor(s): Sarah Ivill
Publisher: Reformation Hertiage Books
Price: $2.99       (May 25-26)
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Today, many of us have lost our appreciation for the beauty of both covenant theology and covenant community, and this has had dire consequences, such as misunderstandings of theology as well as individualism and isolationism in the church. Author Sarah Ivill believes that a key solution to this problem is a robust understanding of covenant theology, which will deepen our knowledge of Scripture and enable us to truly serve our sisters by pointing them to Christ. In The Covenantal Life, the author clearly and concisely sets forth the beauty of covenant theology and covenant community and encourages us to learn sound doctrine so that we can think biblically about the circumstances in our lives—and then help our sisters in Christ to do so as well.

prisoners of hopeAuthor(s): Dayna Curry & Heather Mercer
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Price: $1.99       (Ends June 2)
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The gripping and inspiring story of two extraordinary women–from their imprisonment by the Taliban to their rescue by U.S. Special Forces.

When Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer arrived in Afghanistan, they had come to help bring a better life and a little hope to some of the poorest and most oppressed people in the world. Within a few months, their lives were thrown into chaos as they became pawns in historic international events. They were arrested by the ruling Taliban government for teaching about Christianity to the people with whom they worked. In the middle of their trial, the events of September 11, 2001, led to the international war on terrorism, with the Taliban a primary target. While many feared Curry and Mercer could not survive in the midst of war, Americans nonetheless prayed for their safe return, and in November their prayers were answered.

In Prisoners of Hope, Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer tell the story of their work in Afghanistan, their love for the people they served, their arrest, trial, and imprisonment by the Taliban, and their rescue by U.S. Special Forces. The heart of the book will discuss how two middle-class American women decided to leave the comforts of home in exchange for the opportunity to serve the disadvantaged, and how their faith motivated them and sustained them through the events that followed. Their story is a magnificent narrative of ordinary women caught in extraordinary circumstances as a result of their commitment to serve the poorest and most oppressed women and children in the world. This book will be inspiring to those who seek a purpose greater than themselves.

deadly tiesAuthor(s): Vicki Hinze
Publisher: Multnomah
Price: $1.99       (Ends June 2)
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A horrific crime shatters Lisa Harper’s idyllic childhood. Her father is dead and her desperate mother, Annie, quickly marries Dutch Hauk, an abusive monster who soon reveals his hatred for Lisa. To protect her, Annie defies her ruthless husband and forfeits custody to a trusted friend. Enraged, Dutch vows to keep Annie and Lisa apart—and he does. Years later, though keenly aware of Dutch’s evil intent, Lisa and her mother seize a chance to be a family, safe in a home where love dwells. But they fail to fathom how far Dutch will go to keep his vow.

Determined to control his women, Dutch proves resourceful. His associates in crime are feared at the highest levels across the globe—and for Lisa they plan a fate worse than death. Yet she too has formidable connections, including former Special Operations Officer Mark Taylor. Burdened by his own traumatic past, Mark has loved Lisa from afar. Now, for Lisa and her mother to survive, Mark must risk his life—and even more difficult for him, he must trust God. All as one question haunts them: Can Mark and Lisa untangle these deadly ties before it’s too late?

“Vicki Hinze has…talent for transforming the unlikely into something beautiful.”

Author(s): Jonathan Benz with Kristina Robb-Dover
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

You want to have vibrant and healthy relationships with those who struggle with addiction in your church and community. But you find yourself wondering how to meet their needs in a wise, helpful and God-honoring way.

The Recovery-Minded Church addresses the pressing questions you are facing in ministering to those with addictions. Here you will discover a clinically informed, biblical and theological framework to love the addicts in your midst and also practical tools to help you succeed in doing so, including discussion questions after each chapter for use in small group settings.

God desires to welcome his prodigal children with open arms and a spirit of celebration. We need to reflect this same kind of grace and mercy in our ministry to those with addictions, to move our churches from being recovery-resistant to recovery-minded.

deveoping a healthy prayer lifeAuthor(s): James Beeke & Joel Beeke
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Is your prayer life characterized by such things as sincerity, urgency, and delight? Engagement in prayer is a vital part of our communion with God, making a profound impact on our growth in grace. In this book, you will find thoughtful meditations on prayer in the life of the believer, as well as ample encouragement to cultivate this spiritual discipline in your own life. If you want to be more devoted to prayer, or simply want to assess the health of your prayer life, read this book. It provides both a helpful examination and a needed tonic for those concerned about growing in godliness.

Table of Contents:


1. Who is to Pray?

2. Pray Privately

3. Pray Submissively

4. Pray Humbly

5. Pray Boldly

6. Pray Waiting on God

7. Pray Intercedingly

8. Pray Perseveringly

9. Pray Believingly

10. Pray Thankfully

11. Wrestle in Prayer

12. Waiting for Delayed Answers to Prayer

13. Pray with Appetite

14. Pray in Christ’s Name

15. Pray for Laborers

16. Pray Watchfully

17. Pray Sincerely

18. Pray by the Spirit

19. Pray and Work

20. Pray Reverently

21. Pray Fervently

22. Pray Constantly

23. Pray Dependently

24. Unfulfilled Prayer

25. Lustful Prayer

26. Pray Openly and Unworthily

27. Pray Against Bosom Sins

28. Pray for Contentment

29. Pray with Scripture

30. Pray Thoughtfully

31. To Those Who Cannot Pray

Appendix: 31 Marks of True Prayer

understanding pannenbergAuthor(s): Anthony C. Thiselton
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Wolfhart Pannenberg has forever changed the face of twentieth-century theology. His book on Christology constituted a turning-point away from Bultmann’s existentialist theology, and convincingly vindicated belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus and its importance for theology. His numerous other works, especially his Systematic Theology, Theological Anthropology, and Theology and the Philosophy of Science, show both depth of learning and an unsurpassed and enviable range of interests.
This book aims to explain the vast scope of Pannenberg’s thought, his understanding of the sovereignty and majesty of the God as the God of all reality (not only Israel and the church), who also revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus is not simply the pre-resurrection Jesus of many Gospel narratives, but the raised and exalted Christ of the whole New Testament. Pannenberg shines a light on the centrality of futurity, and of the whole of reality in God’s purposes. Meaning becomes clear in the light of the whole, as his hermeneutics explains. He expounds the role of God as Trinity and the Holy Spirit. His vision of God and the whole world is breath-taking, and often heartening and practical.

“Wolfhart Pannenberg’s reputation as one of the great theologians of the twentieth century has been confirmed by the attention recently accorded his magisterial three-volume Systematic Theology. In this engaging exposition, Anthony Thiselton explores the central themes and approach of his theology. Admirably lucid in style and comprehensive in scope, his study of Pannenberg will provide an invaluable resource for readers today.”
–David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity and Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh

“In this concise yet illuminating volume, Anthony Thiselton offers the reader an introduction to the work of Wolfhart Pannenberg, one of the most neglected figures of twentieth-century theology. With characteristic verve and insight, Thiselton depicts the highways and vistas of Pannenberg’s thinking, drawing attention to its context and its originality while offering perceptive lines of critique. For those seeking a trustworthy guide to Pannenberg, this book is an ideal choice.”
–Paul T. Nimmo, King’s Chair of Systematic Theology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Anthony Thiselton, FBA, is Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology in the University of Nottingham.

Author(s): Katie J. Rawson
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $4.99       Buy Now!

You can be a missionary by crossing an ocean or by crossing the street.
We now have unprecedented opportunities to meet people from every culture and nation. International study and global migration allow us to build relationships with Buddhists and Muslims, students from Singapore and workers from the Middle East. But how do we share the gospel with people from different cultures and worldviews?
Cross-cultural evangelism can be scary. But veteran crosscultural minister Katie Rawson shows how we can witness the way Jesus did, entering into people’s worlds and drawing them into God-centered community. She equips readers to evangelize Jesus’ way, depending on him as a companion and guide and venturing out in joy to be and share the good news.
Filled with compelling stories, practical resources, and relational tools, this guide gives cross-cultural training and shows how you can share the gospel through story and diagram, with clear communication and authentic community.

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