Daily E-Book Deals: November 18, 2019

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In this grab bag, we have 5 e-books from the Guidebooks for Life Series which were published by Matthias Media. The prices and sale dates that the publisher has provided are under each ebook cover.


Ends Dec 18

Ends Dec 18

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Ends Dec 18

Author(s): Lynne Hoeksema
Publisher: N/A
Price: $1.99       Buy Now!

Do you wish you knew how to be the right kind of friend when the worst things happen in their life?

Do you feel clueless as to what to say when a friend loses a spouse or a child unexpectedly?

Do you find it easier to step away from a friend’s pain because you’re fearful of adding to it?

Then this is for you. Feeling ill-equipped to be natural nurturer is a nearly universal phenomenon. Cultivating Compassion can help you break through that awkwardness and become an effective comforter. Here’s what you’ll find:

Insights into the emotions of the grieving world
Practical “now and later” suggestions
What to say and do, what NOT to say and do – and the “WHYs” behind it
God’s call to be compassionate, and how he can equip you
So, whether your friend has lost a spouse, a child, a job, their health, or their status quo, Cultivating Compassion is a quick “lunch-hour” read to equip you with tools for your compassion arsenal, and give you the confidence to use them. You CAN be a blessing as you walk alongside your friend through their season of loss.


Author(s): Gene Edwards
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Price: $1.99        (Ends Nov 30)
Buy Now!

Have you tried harder to have a consistent time with the Lord—but failed?
Does your mind wander during prayer, and do you run out of things to say?
Do you question why it is so hard to fellowship with the Lord?

Stop feeling like a failure at daily devotions and start walking every day with the Lord who loves you.

Gene Edwards faced these same questions and struggles. And he found a better way to walk with the Lord than merely trying harder to pray and read the Bible.

In Living Close to God (When You’re Not Good at It) you will discover that loving God means much more than doing your best to serve Him. You will find ways to start your day with Christ, beginning with your first conscious thought in the morning. You will learn how to fellowship with Him during even the most demanding days. And when you go to the Scriptures, you will talk with Him in a two-way conversation—just as His first followers did.

Includes a small-group discussion guide and a guide
for your own relationship with God.


Author(s): Joanna Weaver
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Price: $1.99        Buy Now!

“Lord, Whatever It Takes, Make Me Like You!”

You long to serve God with grace and strength, to reflect Christ in every word and action. Yet you find yourself continually struggling to bring that vision to life in your daily walk.

At our very core, every one of us is a “twisted sister” within whom the flesh and spirit battle constantly for control. We are afflicted with spiritual schizophrenia, the disconnect between our “good girl” desire to put Jesus first and our “bad girl” realities that crowd our thoughts and push him out of the way.

In this life-changing book, Joanna Weaver, author of the perennial bestseller, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, directs your gaze past your own shortcomings to the God who stands ready, willing, and able to make a new woman out of you. She equips you with biblical insights and practical tools to partner with Christ, inviting him into the hidden places of your soul and giving him full permission to redeem and renovate.

Drawing on the stories of biblical Marys and others whose experience with God transformed their lives, Joanna shows how you can find the hope, healing, wholeness, and joy your heart longs for. Having a Mary Spirit will launch you toward lasting personal transformation–a soul-deep change that results in a complete makeover, from the inside out.

**Includes a 12-week Bible study for both individual reflection and group discussion**

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