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breaking the huddleAuthor(s): Don Everts, Doug Schaupp, Val Gordon
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Most Christians are stuck in the huddle.

Even though we believe in outreach, most communities tend to focus on our own needs. That turns us into insular groups without many relationships with outsiders. So evangelism is occasional and conversions are rare. How do we change?

In their groundbreaking book I Once Was Lost, Don Everts and Doug Schaupp identified five thresholds that individuals cross when they shift from being skeptics to followers. Now they and Val Gordon show how huddled communities can become witnessing communities and then conversion communities, where evangelistic growth becomes the new normal. The authors have studied the growth of congregations, what enhances and limits them, and have gathered best practices for transformation.

Our churches and fellowships can become places where evangelism is not done by a just few people, but where the whole community itself becomes a winsome, thriving witness to those around it.

Break out of the huddle. Find out how.

Author(s): Terry Linhart
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Effective ministry begins here.

You’ve studied what you think you need to know before entering a career in ministry. Is there anything that is more important than knowing about hermeneutics, homiletics, theology, exegesis, and everything else you have likely learned in seminary and church ministry so far?

Yes, there is. How well do you know yourself?

You need to build your ministry career on the right foundation of an objective understanding of self. If you don’t comprehend your strengths and weaknesses, then you won’t be fully prepared to enter the crucible of ministry. Serving as a pastor is one of the toughest calls there is. But it can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding, especially if you have taken the time to examine both your gifts and vulnerabilities.

The church needs leaders who have the clear-eyed courage to pursue the hardest part of the ministry journey: seeing yourself. The Self-Aware Leader will help you to do just that.

Author(s): Dee Henderson
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $1.52       Buy Now!

Dee Henderson Is Back!

Ann Silver is a cop’s cop. As the Midwest Homicide Investigator, she is called in to help local law enforcement on the worst of cases, looking for answers to murder. Hers is one of the region’s most trusted investigative positions.

Paul Falcon is the FBI’s top murder cop in the Midwest. If the victim carried a federal badge or had a security clearance, odds are good Paul and his team see the case file or work the murder.

Their lives intersect when Ann arrives to pass a case off her desk and onto his. A car wreck and a suspicious death offer a lead on a hired shooter he is tracking. Paul isn’t expecting to meet someone, the kind that goes on the personal side of the ledger, but Ann Silver has his attention.

The better he gets to know her, the more Paul realizes her job barely scratches the surface of who she is. She knows spies and soldiers and U.S. Marshals, and has written books about them. She is friends with the former Vice President. People with good reason to be cautious about who they let into their lives deeply trust her. Paul wonders just what secrets Ann is keeping, until she shows him the John Doe Killer case file, and he starts to realize just who this lady he is falling in love with really is…

Author(s): Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: GLH Publishing
Price: $1.50       Buy Now!

Though not as well known amongst Spurgeon’s other great works, in reading ‘Seven Wonders of Grace’ it will become a favorite of the reader for years to come. If you want have the Prince of Preachers explain how God has worked salvation in the life of those in the Old and New Testaments this is the book to read.

pastors and deaconsAuthor(s): Carl Herbster & Ken Howerton
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $1.99       Buy Now!

“Pastor & Deacons is a must-read for all those in church leadership. . . .This book is biblical, practical and helpful. It is chock-full of “how to” ideas that will strengthen relationships and promote spiritual unity in the local church. The principles on church discipline and the chapter on “Dealing with Difficulties” are worth the price of the book. Pastor, get this book and you will refer to it often.”
Dr. Tom Farrell

How should a church be organized?

What functions do the pastors, deacons, and congregation serve?

Who qualifies for the offices of pastor and deacon?

How should a church manage its finances?

How does a congregation biblically address problems?

As fellow servants in the same church, Carl Herbster and Kenneth Howerton have collaborated in the writing of Pastor & Deacons: Servants Working Together to answer these important questions and many more. The “on-the-job,” real-life experiences of the authors make this a particularly practical book.

Pastor & Deacons is a practical exposition and application of biblical principles of church organization and leadership.

Additional Endorsements

“Pastor & Deacons offers insights and practical suggestions for every pastor and deacon who longs to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The biblical philosophy presented in this book reminds us of the important pastor/deacon relationship.”
Paul Chappell, Senior Pastor
Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster, California

“I have found Pastor & Deacons a wonderful tool to teach the practical aspects and proper relationships of the two church offices we Baptists hold so highly. Any pastor, deacon, or ministerial student will benefit greatly as he draws from this well of practical wisdom!”
Rick Arrowood, Senior Pastor
Crosspointe Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I commend Dr. Carl Herbster and Mr. Ken Howerton for providing this excellent ministry resource for pastors and deacons. Thoughtfully, thoroughly, and biblically written, Pastor & Deacons provides highly valuable insight to the men leading today’s local churches.”
David C. Gibbs III
Christian Law Association

“This is a must-read for pastors, pastoral staffs, deacons, and other church leadership. It biblically presents the qualifications and responsibilities of both offices and practically shows how to function together within the church for the glory of God and the edification of the body. . . . I use this book regularly in training conferences for pastors and church leaders.”
Matt Williams
Vice President for Ministry Affairs,
Northland International University

“Dr. Herbster and Mr. Howerton’s book offers insights and practical suggestions for every pastor and deacon who longs to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The biblical philosophy presented in this book reminds us of the important pastor/deacon relationship. I am confident this material will be a great help to local churches everywhere.”
Paul Chappell
Pastor, Lancaster Baptist Church

“I have found Pastor & Deacons a wonderful tool to teach the practical aspects and proper relationships of the two church offices we Baptists hold so highly. . . . It is leadership books like this that I find most helpful in my ministry. Any good pastor, deacon, or ministerial student will benefit greatly as he draws from this well of practical wisdom!”
Dr. Rick Arrowood
Senior Pastor, Crosspointe Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Author(s): Richard Bauckham
Publisher: Fortress Press
Price: $4.99       Buy Now!

When published in 1964, Moltmann’s Theology of Hope restored eschatology to the forefront of Christian theology. In 1995, The Coming of God: Christian Eschatology was no less significant as a major systematic study and rethinking of Christian ideas about the end of all things. Moltmann himself, along with four other theologians, discusses the significance and implications of his new ideas about eschatology. They provide a detailed assessment of its key aspects and creative interactions with his project. Eight new essays by Moltmann extend his work and address such questions as the God-world relation, Hell, biblical hope, the postmodern situation, and the ethical and political implications of a renewed eschatology.

deliver us from evilAuthor(s): Ravi Zacharias
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

The ideas that once guided us have been assaulted, discredited and revised, leading to the unleashing of evil upon the world. As a result, the call for a moral society often seems more like a scream in the dark. This 13-part video series offers powerful ammunition for today’s warfare of ideas. Ravi Zacharias shows how informed and empowered believers can change their world. With wise choices, we can contend for good, and our nation can be restored. But it is essential to understand that renewal begins in the individual human soul. We cannot hope to confront these divisive issues until we understand them in context. This series will help you gain timely focus and a unique clarity of vision.

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