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In this grab bag we have 6 e-books from HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The prices and sale dates that the publisher has provided are under each ebook cover.

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Aug 25 Only

Aug 25 Only

Aug 25 Only

Aug 25 Only

Aug 25 Only

Author(s): Holley Gerth
Publisher: Revell
Price: $1.59        (Ends Aug 31)
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Read the Wall Street Journal bestselling book that has helped close to 100,000 women embrace who they are and become all they’re created to be. 

With this heart-to-heart message, a licensed counselor and certified life coach Holley Gerth invites you to embrace one very important truth–that you truly are already amazing. Like a trusted friend, Holley gently shows you how to forget the lies and expectations the world feeds you and instead believe that God loves you and has even bigger plans for your life than you’ve ever imagined. 

“This is a book for every woman who needs to find her way back to hope, Jesus, and everything she was made to be in Christ. Holley Gerth is a fresh voice for every woman–she echoes the voice of our Father.” – Ann Voskamp, New York Times bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts

Author(s): R.C. Sproul
Publisher: Reformation Trust Publishing
Price: $3.68       Buy Now!


What is the Lord’s Prayer? In The Prayer of the Lord, Dr. R. C. Sproul writes, “Jesus’ intent was to give His disciples a model prayer, an example to follow, one that would teach them transferrable principles for a conversation with God.” In short, Christ gave the Lord’s Prayer to teach His disciples about prayer, and Dr. Sproul, in his trademark fashion, brings out many of the truths Christ intended for His followers to learn.


  • How Not to Pray
  • Our Father in Heaven
  • Hallowed Be Your Name
  • Your Kingdom Come
  • Your Will Be Done
  • Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  • Forgive Us Our Debts
  • Do Not Lead Us into Temptation
  • Yours is the Kingdom
  • Questions and Answers


  • Appendix: If God Is Sovereign, Why Pray?
  • Index of Subjects and Names
  • Index of Scripture

Author(s): Heidi Fuller
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99        Buy Now!

Paths To Answered Prayer takes readers on a journey through one woman’s deepest and most intimate prayers prayers for satisfaction and longing, prayers for healing and prosperity, prayers for fulfillment and joy.

Yet, despite years of faithful pleas for deliverance, God led Heidi Fuller on a path filled with heartache and much loss. Infertility, miscarriage, and adoption failures seemed to be the only results of her daily pleadings with God. With a broken and confused heart, Heidi sought to discover the real purpose of her prayers.

Heidi’s personal study of Scripture led her to discover the gift of peace that accompanies a contrite heart. She learned that in the waiting, God is still working and that in pain He is still present. She found a Savior who is sufficient and an Ear that is always open. She unveiled the heart of a kind and compassionate Father who delights in doing good. Incomprehensible good. Heavenly good. Eternal good.

Heidi’s path to answered prayer concludes with the miraculous reminder of God’s ability and might. The reminder that submission yields greatest satisfaction and that grace always accompanies a higher good. 

This inspirational journey will encourage even the faintest heart with a renewed confidence in a God who indeed hears and answers prayer.

Author(s): Patsy Clairmont
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.49       Buy Now!

Acclaimed author and Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont causes womens’ hearts to leap and their hopes to lift in this quirky, straight-to-the point look at the Proverbs.

Understanding the Christian life and the Bible can be a daunting task. But maybe God didn’t mean it to be so hard. In Kaleidoscope of Proverbs, Patsy Clairmont pieces together some powerful messages from God and reveals new facets of beauty, inspiration, and instruction. Written for busy women, Patsy offers brief, powerful chapters that address the key aspects of their lives, hearts, and relationships.

In the Proverbs, God gives us small gems of hope and truth, and in Kaleidoscope of Proverbs, Patsy Clairmont unveils them for readers with her trademark humor and insightful teaching.

Author(s): Ginny L. Yttrup
Publisher: Shelterwood Press
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

A child whose silence holds the truth captive. An artist whose work speaks the agony of her past. When drawn together, will they let the truth set them free?

Ten-year-old Kaylee Wren doesn’t speak. Not since her drug-addled mother walked away, leaving her in a remote cabin nestled in the towering redwoods, in the care of a man who is as dangerous as he is evil. With silence her only refuge, Kaylee collects words she might never speak from the only memento her mother left behind: a dictionary.

Sierra Daw is thirty-four, an artist, and alone. She has allowed the shame of her past to silence her present hopes and chooses to bury her pain by trying to control her circumstances. But on the twelfth anniversary of her daughter’s death, Sierra’s control begins to crumble as the God of her childhood woos her back to Himself.

Will Kaylee and Sierra let the truth set them free?

Ginny L. Yttrup is an award-winning author. Words won the Christy Award for the best first novel.

Buy Words today to follow Kaylee and Sierra on their journey to freedom.

“First-time novelist Yttrup writes a riveting, emotionally charged story about a 10-year-old sexual abuse victim, Kaylee Wren, who has literally lost her voice in the aftermath of ongoing trauma. Kaylee, living with her mom’s abusive boyfriend after her mother abandons her, turns to the world of words for her comfort and sanity. Smart as a whip, Kaylee sounds out words in her mind and links words and phrases far beyond comprehension for her age as she puzzles out hour-by-hour survival. Enter the 30-ish Sierra Dawn, a grief-stricken artist whose own infant daughter died 12 years earlier. When these two meet, there is a supernatural connection. Rescuing Kaylee from her tormenter is only the first step to freedom for both of these characters, as they walk toward wholeness. Yttrup’s story is particularly powerful as it in part mirrors her own painful past. Page by page, word by word, this talented author proves the adage ‘Write what you know.'” Publishers Weekly


Words – second edition – updated February 2018.

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