Daily E-Book Deals: September 22, 2019

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Author(s): George C. Scipione
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Price: FREE       Buy Now!

This is not a light study with a few leadership principles to take home. This is for those who want to take a good look at biblical qualifications for leadership and are willing to shine the light of the Word on their lives and model them after the Apostle Paul.

Nine lessons are especially geared for elders, deacons, and those interested in the church office, but contain biblical wisdom for all current and aspiring leaders.

Author(s): Efrem Smith & Phil Jackson
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $4.99        Buy Now!

Hip-hop is here.

The beats ring out in our cities. Hip-hop culture is all around us: in the clothes youth wear, in the music, they listen to, in the ways they express themselves. It is the language they speak, the rhythm they move to. It is a culture familiar with the hard realities of our broken world; the generation raised with rap knows about the pain. They need to know about hope.

Enter the hip-hop church.

Like the culture it arises from, the hip-hop church is relevant and bold. And it speaks to the heart. In this book, pastors Efrem Smith and Phil Jackson show the urgency of connecting hip-hop culture and church to reach a generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They give practical ideas from their urban churches and other hip-hop churches about how to engage and incorporate rap, break dancing, poetry, and deejays to worship Jesus and preach his Word.

Hip-hop culture is shaping the next generation. Ignoring it will not reduce its influence; it will only separate us from the youth moving to its rhythm. How will they hear Christ’s message of truth and hope if we don’t speak their language? And how can we speak their language if we don’t understand and embrace their culture?

Hear the beat. Join the beat. Become the beat that brings truth and hopes to a hungry, hurting generation.

Author(s): Richard Sibbes
Publisher: GLH Publishing
Price: $1.50       Buy Now!

In this work the puritan Richard Sibbes, author of ‘The Bruised Reed’, shows how God “sets us at liberty at the first in calling us…sets us at liberty when we are justified…sets us at liberty when he sanctifieth us…sets us then at liberty fully in glorification.”

Author(s): George C. Scipione
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Price: FREE       Buy Now!

Definitions of gender, marriage, and family are evolving almost daily. Surveys of younger generations show much greater acceptance of unbiblical norms. Part of the problem is that relatively few people know and understand what the Bible says, from cover to cover, about these foundational aspects of society. Read what the Bible has to say about the family from this biblical counseling expert.

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