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Author(s): Nona Jones
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $2.99       (Ends Aug 27)
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Enjoy a great reading experience when you buy the Kindle edition of this book.
It’s time to leave behind the discontent of comparison and discover a free and joyful life. Join Pastor Nona Jones–who was recently featured on GMA3–as she gives you the tools you need to kill comparison once and for all.

Nearly all of us deal with the struggle of comparison and finding ourselves lacking. But there is a way to break free from internal and external messages communicating a lack of self-worth. It starts with identifying the basis of your urge to compare and ends with securing your identity to the unchanging confidence of God’s love for you.

Nona Jones knows this journey all too well. Throughout her life and in her career–most recently as an executive for the world’s largest social media company–Nona discovered that despite professional success, true confidence can only be achieved by defeating toxic comparison and securing our identity to God’s approval alone.


Author(s): Scot McKnight & Cody Matchett
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $3.99       (Ends Aug 13)
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See how the Book of Revelation can be read as a book of discipleship, challenging Christ-followers everywhere to live as hopeful agents of resistance and transformation.

The last book of the Bible frustrates and frightens many people with its imagery and apocalyptic tone. Popular interpretations rely on fear and politicization and often lead to pride and alienation of others. Is this really how we were intended to read John’s Revelation?

In Revelation for the Rest of Us, Scot McKnight with Cody Matchett explore the key message of Revelation and how it:


Author(s):  L. B. Cowman & Jim Reimann
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $1.99       (Aug 1 Only)
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Enjoy a great reading experience when you buy the Kindle edition of this book.
Everyone goes through difficult seasons, tough losses, and moments that feel unbearable. In today’s world, people thirst more than ever for reassurance and guidance. Streams in the Desert provides a river of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration to weary travelers.

ABC’s Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts reads Streams in the Desert every day. Roberts said, “It’s my most prized possession…my family, each of us has a copy and we read it every morning…it just brings us closer together.”

In this updated edition, you’ll find:

366 devotions with updated modern text and a durable jacketed hardcover
More Scripture, Subject, and Contributor Indices
A ribbon marker to hold your place
A powerful collection of meditations, Christian writings, and Scripture featured in the original edition
Precise NIV text to help believers embrace timeless messages of God’s faithfulness
Easy to read, yet true to the essence of the original, this Streams in the Desert offers a refreshing daily dip into God’s purpose, plan, and enduring promise.


Author(s): Andy Stanley
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $2.99       (July 31-Aug 7)
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Is it possible to disagree politically and love unconditionally? The reaction of evangelicals to political and cultural shifts in recent years revealed what they value most. Lurking beneath our Bible-laced rhetoric, faith claims, books, and sermons is a relentless drive to WIN!

But the church is not here to win. By every human measure, our Savior lost. On purpose. With a purpose. And we are his body. We are not in it to win anything. We are in it for something else entirely. That something else is what this book is about.

You’ll discover:


Author(s): K.J. Ramsey
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $2.99       (Ends July 31)
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The Book of Common Courage is a collection of prayers, poems, and blessings to help you find a flicker of strength in the small and hard moments of life. Beloved author and therapist K. J. Ramsey invites you to journey word-by-word through Psalm 23 to experience how the Good Shepherd is with you and for you, especially in the valleys of life. When you struggle to find the words to hold your pain or trauma, be encouraged to cultivate the compassion and courage to believe that your story will, in fact, end in joy.

Through K. J.’s lyrical and emotive writing, you are invited to:


Author(s): Karen Kingsbury
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: $4.99       (Ends July 31)
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Enjoy all four of Karen Kingsbury’s Bailey Flanigan novels in one e-book collection!


From New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury . . . Leaving is the first volume in a series featuring Bailey Flanigan and Cody Coleman, as well as more characters from the popular Baxter family.


Learning, book two in the Bailey Flanigan series: Bailey Flanigan and Cody Coleman are not only separated by physical but also great emotional distance. Can such distance truly make the heart grow fonder?


Author(s): Robby Gallaty
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $1.99       (July 18 Only)
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Through the years, our understanding of Jesus has been shaped by different cultural influences, and many Christians have forgotten that Jesus was a Jewish man living in a Jewish land, observing Jewish customs, and investing his life into Jewish men and women.

Trading the popular, but inaccurate Western perspective of the Bible for the context in which Jesus actually ministered in 2000 years ago, author Robby Gallaty reveals the fascinating Hebraic culture, customs, and nuances many Christians have never experienced or learned about.

By uncovering the teaching of the first and second century rabbis and Christian theologians, and highlighting little-known Jewish idioms and traditions, Gallaty takes Christians on a biblical journey to rediscover a forgotten Jesus from a biblical perspective, deepening your relationship with God.


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