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Author(s): Robert Kolb
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Luther’s oft-recounted life made a profound impact on his contemporaries. Some revered him; some hated him. This volume provides a brief narrative of the unfolding events that took place from his birth to a young entrepreneurial family through his turbulent career as a university professor and public figure to his death while on a mission to reconcile a feuding princely family. Following parts of this narrative come “interviews” with friends and foes of his time, taken from a variety of sixteenth-century sources that present this dominating reformer and the passions that possessed both those who found him to be God’s end-time prophet and those who hated all that he stood for because they believed it was destroying their world.

“Kolb has a gift for weaving details from the most current historical research into an accessible narrative for non-specialist readers. His creative arrangement of primary sources from fourteen contemporaries of Luther into a conversational format is simply charming. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter prompt readers to connect Luther’s life and the events of the Reformation to their own experience. A rich resource for personal reflection or group study.”
–Kathryn A. Kleinhans, Dean of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

“Robert Kolb brings a lifetime of research, teaching, and reflection to this portrayal of Luther, and it shows. Kolb makes a complicated figure accessible without sacrificing a millimeter in depth. He paints Luther in vivid detail, highlighting especially the perspectives of Luther’s colleagues in Wittenberg, who worked with him and with each other to build a new religious and social movement.”
–Anna Marie Johnson, Associate Professor of Reformation History at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

“The concept of this book is brilliant. Gathering together comments of supporters and opponents from Luther’s lifetime, Robert Kolb masterfully weaves a picture of the Reformer that invites further study. The ease and accuracy of Kolb’s connective narrative make this work a joy to read.”
–Gordon L Isaac, Berkshire Professor of Church History, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Robert Kolb is a professor of systematic theology emeritus at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis. He is the coeditor of the translation of the Book of Concord (2000) and of the Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology (2014). He has authored Luther’s Wittenberg World (2018), Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God (2016), Luther and the Stories of God (2012), and Martin Luther: Confessor of the Faith (2009).

understanding pannenbergAuthor(s): Anthony C. Thiselton
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Wolfhart Pannenberg has forever changed the face of twentieth-century theology. His book on Christology constituted a turning-point away from Bultmann’s existentialist theology, and convincingly vindicated belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus and its importance for theology. His numerous other works, especially his Systematic Theology, Theological Anthropology, and Theology and the Philosophy of Science, show both depth of learning and an unsurpassed and enviable range of interests.
This book aims to explain the vast scope of Pannenberg’s thought, his understanding of the sovereignty and majesty of the God as the God of all reality (not only Israel and the church), who also revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus is not simply the pre-resurrection Jesus of many Gospel narratives, but the raised and exalted Christ of the whole New Testament. Pannenberg shines a light on the centrality of futurity, and of the whole of reality in God’s purposes. Meaning becomes clear in the light of the whole, as his hermeneutics explains. He expounds the role of God as Trinity and the Holy Spirit. His vision of God and the whole world is breath-taking, and often heartening and practical.

“Wolfhart Pannenberg’s reputation as one of the great theologians of the twentieth century has been confirmed by the attention recently accorded his magisterial three-volume Systematic Theology. In this engaging exposition, Anthony Thiselton explores the central themes and approach of his theology. Admirably lucid in style and comprehensive in scope, his study of Pannenberg will provide an invaluable resource for readers today.”
–David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity and Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh

“In this concise yet illuminating volume, Anthony Thiselton offers the reader an introduction to the work of Wolfhart Pannenberg, one of the most neglected figures of twentieth-century theology. With characteristic verve and insight, Thiselton depicts the highways and vistas of Pannenberg’s thinking, drawing attention to its context and its originality while offering perceptive lines of critique. For those seeking a trustworthy guide to Pannenberg, this book is an ideal choice.”
–Paul T. Nimmo, King’s Chair of Systematic Theology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Anthony Thiselton, FBA, is Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology in the University of Nottingham.

luthers theology on the crossAuthor(s): Dennis Ngien
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Luther was fundamentally a preacher-pastor, “a care-taker of souls,” whose ingenuity lies in his usage of the biblical message as a source of pastoral encouragement. This book seeks to capture the often-overlooked pastoral side of the Reformer through an examination of his sermons on John’s gospel.
The sermons on John show the intrinsic, close, and causal link between doctrine and consolation. They are an exercise of his vocation as a pastor, or more precisely, as a theologian of the cross who seeks to inculcate the good news of justification by faith in his people, leading them to experience it within the dialectic of law and gospel. St. John, said Luther, “is the master in the article of justification.” Luther’s theological method, namely, his theology of the cross, permeates and governs the exposition of the text, and all major themes of his theology– Christology, Trinity, and soteriology–appear in his exegesis of John.

“With a sure ear for the nuances of Luther’s engagement with the text of his favorite gospel and for the questions of our own time, Ngien again renders the Reformer’s interpretation of Scripture understandable and relevant for modern readers. His special combination of keen-sighted theological analysis of Luther’s faith and a sensitive meditative application of his insights gained from the evangelist John’s depiction and confession of Christ permits both the evangelist and the Reformer to speak directly to twenty-first-century faith and life.”
–Robert Kolb, Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis

“John was Martin Luther’s favorite gospel because he believed that it provided a clear pathway into the very heart of God. Dennis Ngien has given us here a major study of Luther’s sermons on this great New Testament text. The whole scope of Luther’s theology is evident in these sermons and they bear close study and reflection.”
–Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

“What could possibly be of greater import for the Christian believer than to contemplate the salvific grace extended to us at Calvary? As a grateful recipient of this grace and as a lover of Martin Luther, Dr. Ngien has taken the time to meditate, marinate, and mediate Luther’s theology of the cross to us with the greatest care. And as a true ‘insider’ in the world of Lutheran studies, he has done a masterful job.”
–Granville McKenzie, Senior Pastor, Faith Sanctuary, Toronto

Dennis Ngien is Professor of Systematic Theology at Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto, and Research Professor at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.

revelationAuthor(s): Gordon D. Fee
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Revelation is a book that many Christians find confusing due to the foreign nature of its apocalyptic imagery. It is a book that has prompted endless discussions about the “end times” with theological divisions forming around epicenters such as the rapture and the millennium. In this book, award-winning author Gordon Fee attempts to excavate the layers of symbolic imagery and provide an exposition of Revelation that is clear, easy to follow, convincing, and engaging. Fee shows us how John’s message confronts the world with the Revelation of Jesus Christ so that Christians might see themselves as caught up in the drama of God’s triumph over sin, evil, and death. Fee draws us into the world of John and invites us to see the world through John’s eyes as the morbid realities of this world have the joyous realities of heaven cast over them. In this latest installment in the New Covenant Commentary Series, we see one of North America’s best evangelical exegetes at his very best.


Conflict Management and the Apostle PaulAuthor(s): Scot McKnight & Greg Mamula
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Churches often find themselves in the middle of a conflict. These conflicts can exist between people within the church, between the leaders and congregation, or even between churches themselves. Leaders often turn to Scripture for guidance in resolving these conflicts. However, the Bible does not outline or even discuss conflict management. In fact, various biblical figures–from ancient Israelite kings to New Testament apostles–all uniquely approach conflict.

Does the Bible have a “theory of conflict management”? In Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul, the authors explore how Paul approached conflicts with his close associates like Barnabas and Peter, and with his mission churches like those in Galatia and Corinth. Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul distinctively sketches how various theories of conflict management used today shed light on Paul’s own approaches to conflict while also evaluating the conflicts themselves. The authors in this volume are pastors and church workers who themselves bring their own experiences with conflict into play as they seek wisdom from the New Testament.

“Living in a world so filled with contention, both inside and outside of the church, we need help working through conflict to restore communication and connection with those around us. Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul gives us a Pauline perspective on life together. The series of articles give fresh insight to a practical blend of biblical instruction and sociological conflict transformation systems.”
–Robin D. Stoops, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Nebraska

“This text takes a deep dive into how the Apostle Paul addressed conflict. Because ‘conflict’ was sometimes Paul’s middle name, the dive brings to the surface many fresh approaches to dealing with our own conflicts today . . . Paul’s conflicts are today’s conflicts. You will need this book in the days ahead.”
–C. Jeff Woods, Associate General Secretary for the American Baptist Churches, USA

“For fellow travelers seeking to find a better way through the conflicts of modern life, Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul brings the work of a dedicated cadre of pastors and lay leaders who have delved deeply into Scripture with a view to articulating the precise nature of the conflicts and disputes addressed by Paul, and the ways he confronted them. With case stories scattered throughout, this book serves as a useful companion for all who seek to better understand Paul’s teaching and how it sheds light on modern strategies that work, and those that do not.”
–Karl A. Slaikeu, author of When Push Comes to Shove: A Practical Guide to Mediating Disputes

Scot McKnight is Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary, and is an author of more than sixty books, including commentaries on Colossians, Philemon, and Galatians.

Greg Mamula is Associate Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Nebraska, Omaha.

The End of EvangelicasmAuthor(s): David E. Fitch
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

In The End of Evangelicalism? David Fitch examines the political presence of evangelicalism as a church in North America. Amidst the negative image of evangelicalism in the national media and its purported decline as a church, Fitch asks how evangelicalism’s belief and practice has formed it as a political presence in North America. Why are evangelicals perceived as arrogant, exclusivist, duplicitous, and dispassionate by the wider culture? Diagnosing its political cultural presence via the ideological theory of Slavoj Zizek, Fitch argues that evangelicalism appears to have lost the core of its politic: Jesus Christ. In so doing its politic has become “empty.” Its witness has been rendered moot. The way back to a vibrant political presence is through the corporate participation in the triune God’s ongoing work in the world as founded in the incarnation. Herein lies the way towards an evangelical missional political theology. Fitch ends his study by examining the possibilities for a new faithfulness in the current day emerging and missional church movements springing forth from evangelicalism in North America.

“In your hands is one of the sharpest and informed evaluations of the state of evangelicalism. Read it slowly. Ponder it. Plot a better evangelicalism.”
–Scot McKnight
Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies
North Park University

“In compelling fashion, Fitch digs deep to examine how key U.S. evangelical beliefs actually function as an ideology rather than gospel. He calls us from a Christianity that acts as ‘ideology’ to one that authentically incarnates Jesus’ life and mission. What a book! This one will knock you back on your heels.”
–Howard A. Snyder
Professor of Wesley Studies
Tyndale Seminary, Ontario, Canada

“This is a significant book for those wrestling with the theological and cultural integrity of the Evangelical movement in a post-Christian setting.”
–John R. Franke
Clemens Professor of Missional Theology
Biblical Seminary, Hatfield, Pennsylvania

“David Fitch explores three key issues that symbolize the evangelical conundrum-the inerrant Bible, the decision for Christ, and the Christian nation-by reframing them through missional theology. This is a timely and crucial read for those concerned about the evangelical movement.”
–Craig Van Gelder
Professor of Congregational Mission
Luther Seminary, St. Paul

David E. Fitch is B. R. Lindner Professor of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary, Lombard IL. He is also a pastor at Life on the Vine Christian Community in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. He is the author of The Great Giveaway (2005).

RomansAuthor(s): Craig S. Keener
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

A helpfully concise commentary on Paul’s letter to the early Christians in Rome, which the Apostle wrote just a few years before the outbreak of Nero’s persecution. Keener examines each paragraph for its function in the letter as a whole, helping the reader follow Paul’s argument. Where relevant, he draws on his vast work in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman sources in order to help modern readers understand the message of Romans according to the way the first audience would have heard it. Throughout, Keener focuses on major points that are especially critical for the contemporary study of Paul’s most influential and complex New Testament letter.

“By grounding his exposition of Romans in the world of the first century, yet keeping his eye on the needs and concerns of the contemporary world, Keener offers here a rare commodity: a lucid commentary that is simultaneously conversant with the latest biblical scholarship and pastorally sensitive.”
–John T. Fitzgerald
University of Miami, USA and North-West University, South Africa

“Craig Keener has written a marvelous commentary that will prove to be a valuable tool for ministers, students, and scholars alike. By insightfully introducing and contextualizing, as well providing excurses that guide the reader from ancient to modern times, Keener has done with excellence what a commentary should do.”
–Manfred Lang
Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg

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