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Author(s): Scott J. Hafemann
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

The essays presented here represent over twenty-five years of thinking about the theology and life of the Apostle Paul who, as a “slave of Jesus Christ” (Rom 1:1), was a “servant of the new covenant” with a “ministry of the Spirit” (2 Cor 3:6, 8). Taking the questions raised by the history of scholarship since F. C. Baur as their starting point, Hafemann’s exegetical studies focus on how Paul’s self-understanding shaped his message, the motivations of his ministry, and his consequent call to suffer for the sake of his churches. Hafemann’s work reveals that Paul’s views of redemption, of his own redemptive mission, and of the life of the redeemed derived from his eschatological conviction that the purpose of the new covenant realities inaugurated by the Christ is to prepare for their promised consummation when Christ returns to judge the world.

“What an important contribution Scott Hafemann has made through these penetrating essays, working together to demonstrate the cross-centered nature of Paul’s life and proclamation of the gospel, demonstrating in concrete terms the power of God reflected in the weakness of the cross and in ministry marked by such ‘foolishness’ and ‘weakness.’ By making these essays more accessible to a wider readership this volume makes its own contribution to understanding this crucial aspect of Paul’s message and ministry.”
–Roy E. Ciampa, Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship, New York, NY


Author(s): Ron Sanders
Publisher: Cascade Books (An imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers)
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

The role of Evangelical Christianity in American public life is controversial. The mythology of America as a “Christian nation” and the promissory note of secularism have proved inadequate to cope with the increasing pluralism, the resilience of spirituality, and the wariness toward formal religion that mark our post-secular age. Christianity and democracy have a complex history together, but is there a future where these two great traditions draw the best out of one another? What does that future look like in a heterogeneous society? Sanders argues that democracy is stronger when it allows all of its religious citizens to participate fully in the public sphere, and Christianity is richer when it demonstrates the wisdom of God from the ground up, rather than legislating it from the top down. In this reality, the Evangelical church must return to Christianity’s prophetic roots and see itself as a “community in exile,” where participation in the political is important, but not ultimate–where the substantive work of the church happens “after the election.

“Ron Sanders’, After the Election, is an extraordinary book, filled with sound analysis, charitable engagement, and wisdom . . . Religious discourse needs the pressure of the democratic concern for every citizen, and our democratic processes need the ‘thicker’ ethics that religious life provides. This book is the place to start in order to think well about religion and politics.”
–Gregory E. Ganssle, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University  (more…)

Author(s): Ronald J. Sider & John Borelli
Publisher: Cascade Books (An Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers)
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

For centuries, evangelical Protestants and Catholics have hurled harsh epithets at each other. But that has changed dramatically in the last forty years. In 1960, many prominent evangelicals opposed John Kennedy for president because he was a Catholic. Today, Catholics and evangelicals work together on many issues of public policy.
This book records one important process in this transformation. In 2004, the board of The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE–the largest representative body of evangelicals in the US) unanimously approved For the Health of the Nation as the official public policy document for its public policy efforts representing 30 million evangelicals. When scholars read this new ground-breaking document, they quickly realized there was a widespread agreement between the NAE’s official public policy document and the official public policy positions of American Catholics. The result was a series of annual meetings held at Georgetown University and Eastern University that brought together prominent Catholic and Evangelical scholars and public policy specialists to explore the extent of the common ground. This book reports on that dialogue–and its contribution to the increasing Catholic-evangelical cooperation.

“While many today are familiar with the new, more positive relationship developing between Roman Catholics and evangelicals, few have expected to find convergence in the areas of justice and social policy. This collection of essays, edited by Ronald Sider and John Borelli, shows how the two communities are learning from each other in their efforts to address the common good. It’s both an honest exploration and a sign of hope.”
–Thomas P. Rausch, Emeritus T. Marie Chilton Professor of Catholic Theology, Loyola Marymount University

“Catholics and Evangelicals for the Common Good brilliantly weave theological reflection with political and religious history to articulate the challenges now confronting both communities in the public square. Every essay acutely analyzes the present by way of turning our attention to the future. Dialogue is admirable, but social action is essential. Here are gathered doers of the word and not merely hearers. This volume offers not to sound bites and slogans, but moral guidance and intellectual nourishment.”
–E. J. Dionne Jr., Professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture, Georgetown University

“Here is a collection of principled essays written by leading Catholic and evangelical scholars seeking to find common ground on some of the most pressing and divisive issues of our time. This volume is needed, rare, and welcomed. I commend it to thoughtful Christians everywhere.”
–Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University

John Borelli is Special Assistant for Catholic Identity and Dialogue to the President of Georgetown University, a position he has held since 2004. He served sixteen years at the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Ronald J. Sider is a Distinguished Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry, and Public Policy at Palmer Seminary at Eastern University and the President Emeritus of Evangelicals for Social Action.

Author(s): Stanley Hauerwas
Publisher: Cascade Books (An Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers)
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

For over forty years Stanley Hauerwas has been writing theology that matters. In this new collection of essays, lectures, and sermons, Hauerwas continues his life’s work of exploring the theological web, discovering and recovering the connections necessary for the church to bear faithful witness to Christ in our complex and changing times. Hauerwas enters into conversation with a diverse array of interlocutors as he brings new insights to bear on matters theological, delves into university matters, demonstrates how lives matter, and continues in his passionate commitment to the matter of preaching. Essays by Robert Dean illumine the connections that have made Hauerwas’s theological web-slinging so significant and demonstrate why Hauerwas’s sermons have a crucial role to play in the recovery of a gospel-shaped homiletical imagination.

“The role played by oral performance in Stanley Hauerwas’ influence as a theologian and Christian has only recently been noticed. This collection is a game-changer in highlighting how, at root, Hauerwas main aim has been insistently and creatively to say ‘Jesus is Lord’ out loud and clearly. Robert J. Dean’s appreciative yet critical engagement of his preaching offers much to chew on for those interested in thinking about it in robustly theological terms.”
–Brian Brock, University of Aberdeen

“Minding the Web is an extraordinary collection that reveals the complexity, beauty and timeliness of Hauerwas. It invites us to once again drink deeply from the well that is Hauerwas. As you read, prepare yourself to be unsettled only to have your imagination gripped by the world as it is under Jesus as Lord.”
–David Fitch, author of Faithful Presence

“Working in partnership with Robert Dean, Stanley Hauerwas has given us yet another wonderful example of how theology and preaching cannot be divided if both are to serve the church’s worship and service of God. Following the lead of both Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Hauerwas and Dean not only tell but show how the work of theology and preaching need each other in order to be intelligible as Christian speech. Minding the Web is a timely book that reconnects preachers with theologians and theologians with preachers for the sake of the gospel that is the very source of their life and work.”
–Michael Pasquarello III, Fuller Theological Seminary

Stanley Hauerwas is Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at Duke University. His books include Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir and With the Grain of the Universe.

Robert J. Dean is an Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba.

Author(s): J. Brian Tucker
Publisher: Cascade Books (An Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers)
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

The Letter to the Romans explains the way Paul thought Jewish covenantal identity continued now that the messianic era had begun. More particularly, Paul addresses the relevance of Abraham for Jews and gentiles, the role of Torah, and the way it is contextualized in Christ. All too often, however, these topics are read in supersessionist ways. This book argues that such readings are unpersuasive. It offers instead a post-supersessionist perspective in which Jewish covenantal identity continues in Paul’s gospel. Paul is no destroyer of worlds. The aim of this book is to offer a different view of the key interpretive points that lead to supersessionist understandings of Paul’s most important letter. It draws on the findings of those aligned with the Paul within Judaism paradigm and accents those findings with a light touch from social identity theory. When combined, these resources help the reader to hear Romans afresh, in a way that allows both Jewish and non-Jewish existing identities continued relevance.

“Many declare loudly that Paul remained a Jew; few readings of Romans, however, demonstrate more than lip service to the implications, or respect for Jews and Judaism. In clear and yet learned style, Tucker presents a ‘Paul within Judaism’ historical perspective on Romans for Christians today who share his ‘Post-supersessionism’ sensibilities. This is a very welcome, historically grounded, respectful of the Jewish ‘other’ reading of Romans. Finally, ‘the times, they are a-changin!'”
–Mark D. Nanos, author of The Mystery of Romans (1996), and Reading Romans within Judaism (Cascade, 2018)

“‘Paul was no supersessionist.’ Approaching Romans from a ‘Paul Within Judaism’ perspective and employing social identity theory, Brian Tucker sets out to prove just that. The study tackles key issues such as the validity of Torah within Christ Groups and the status of God’s covenant with the Jewish people. Concluding in each case that Paul’s argument assumes continuity, Tucker’s book is cogent and essential; no one interested in Romans, or Pauline theology more generally, can afford to ignore it.”
–Anders Runesson, University of Oslo

J. Brian Tucker is Professor of New Testament at Moody Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MI, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, UK. He is the author of You Belong to Christ (2010), Remain in Your Calling (2011), and Reading 1 Corinthians (2017). He is coeditor of the T&T Clark Handbook to Social Identity in the New Testament (2014).

Author(s): Robert Kolb
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Luther’s oft-recounted life made a profound impact on his contemporaries. Some revered him; some hated him. This volume provides a brief narrative of the unfolding events that took place from his birth to a young entrepreneurial family through his turbulent career as a university professor and public figure to his death while on a mission to reconcile a feuding princely family. Following parts of this narrative come “interviews” with friends and foes of his time, taken from a variety of sixteenth-century sources that present this dominating reformer and the passions that possessed both those who found him to be God’s end-time prophet and those who hated all that he stood for because they believed it was destroying their world.

“Kolb has a gift for weaving details from the most current historical research into an accessible narrative for non-specialist readers. His creative arrangement of primary sources from fourteen contemporaries of Luther into a conversational format is simply charming. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter prompt readers to connect Luther’s life and the events of the Reformation to their own experience. A rich resource for personal reflection or group study.”
–Kathryn A. Kleinhans, Dean of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

“Robert Kolb brings a lifetime of research, teaching, and reflection to this portrayal of Luther, and it shows. Kolb makes a complicated figure accessible without sacrificing a millimeter in depth. He paints Luther in vivid detail, highlighting especially the perspectives of Luther’s colleagues in Wittenberg, who worked with him and with each other to build a new religious and social movement.”
–Anna Marie Johnson, Associate Professor of Reformation History at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

“The concept of this book is brilliant. Gathering together comments of supporters and opponents from Luther’s lifetime, Robert Kolb masterfully weaves a picture of the Reformer that invites further study. The ease and accuracy of Kolb’s connective narrative make this work a joy to read.”
–Gordon L Isaac, Berkshire Professor of Church History, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Robert Kolb is a professor of systematic theology emeritus at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis. He is the coeditor of the translation of the Book of Concord (2000) and of the Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology (2014). He has authored Luther’s Wittenberg World (2018), Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God (2016), Luther and the Stories of God (2012), and Martin Luther: Confessor of the Faith (2009).

understanding pannenbergAuthor(s): Anthony C. Thiselton
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Wolfhart Pannenberg has forever changed the face of twentieth-century theology. His book on Christology constituted a turning-point away from Bultmann’s existentialist theology, and convincingly vindicated belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus and its importance for theology. His numerous other works, especially his Systematic Theology, Theological Anthropology, and Theology and the Philosophy of Science, show both depth of learning and an unsurpassed and enviable range of interests.
This book aims to explain the vast scope of Pannenberg’s thought, his understanding of the sovereignty and majesty of the God as the God of all reality (not only Israel and the church), who also revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus is not simply the pre-resurrection Jesus of many Gospel narratives, but the raised and exalted Christ of the whole New Testament. Pannenberg shines a light on the centrality of futurity, and of the whole of reality in God’s purposes. Meaning becomes clear in the light of the whole, as his hermeneutics explains. He expounds the role of God as Trinity and the Holy Spirit. His vision of God and the whole world is breath-taking, and often heartening and practical.

“Wolfhart Pannenberg’s reputation as one of the great theologians of the twentieth century has been confirmed by the attention recently accorded his magisterial three-volume Systematic Theology. In this engaging exposition, Anthony Thiselton explores the central themes and approach of his theology. Admirably lucid in style and comprehensive in scope, his study of Pannenberg will provide an invaluable resource for readers today.”
–David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity and Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh

“In this concise yet illuminating volume, Anthony Thiselton offers the reader an introduction to the work of Wolfhart Pannenberg, one of the most neglected figures of twentieth-century theology. With characteristic verve and insight, Thiselton depicts the highways and vistas of Pannenberg’s thinking, drawing attention to its context and its originality while offering perceptive lines of critique. For those seeking a trustworthy guide to Pannenberg, this book is an ideal choice.”
–Paul T. Nimmo, King’s Chair of Systematic Theology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Anthony Thiselton, FBA, is Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology in the University of Nottingham.

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