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How to Get USA Pricing on Kindle Books (from Anywhere in the World)

Ever been excited to buy a Kindle book only to be disappointed that the sale wasn’t available in your region? As a company based out of Canada, we know the feeling.

If you have experienced this, we have some good news. We’ve discovered a way to get American pricing even if you’re not an American citizen. This method is completely legal, doesn’t break the terms of service and I’ve spoken with Amazon directly (see bottom) to make sure this method is permissible. I’d love to teach you how to do this so you don’t have to miss out on another great deal. (more…)

Hangout with an Author

Gospel eBooks is excited to partner together with Ambassador International to bring you our third on-air Google Hangout.

What is a Google Hangout? It is a live interactive video chat that is broadcasted publicly. To see what a Hangout looks like, you can watch our Hangouts with Ray Comfort and Dr. Jason Lisle.

Next Tuesday, April 2nd at 7pm CT we’d like to invite you to a live on-air Hangout out with us and David Sitton.

David SittonWho is David Sitton? Just one week after his 20th birthday, David Sitton left for Papua New Guinea – October 3, 1977.  He departed Corpus Christi with a suitcase, a bible, and a surfboard! Several of the early tribes David encountered practiced cannibalism and were entrenched in violent tribal warfare. Over the years Sitton has worked to make disciples and plant churches in remote regions of PNG. Sitton and his wife Tommie founded To Every Tribe Ministries where he currently serves as president. In January, 2006 they founded their second ministry, The Center for Pioneer Church Planting which is dedicated to recruiting, training and launching pioneer church planters into the far-flung regions where Christ is still unknown. Sitton’s latest book is Reckless Abandon: A Gospel Pioneer’s Exploits Among the Most Difficult to Reach Peoples.

E-Book Deal / Donation

At Gospel eBooks we’re all about getting you e-books that you want to read for a fraction of the cost. So we’re excited to let you know that David’s latest book “Reckless Abandon” will be offered at the special price of $3.99 for 24 hours only (April 2nd). If you purchase David’s e-book from us on that day Gospel eBooks will make a special donation to To Every Tribe Ministries of $4 for every copy sold. Not only will you be getting an amazing deal on a great book, but you’ll be supporting missions as well!

Huge Giveaway

In collaboration with Ambassador International, we’re also going to have a giveaway to celebrate this Hangout. We’ll be giving away the Dispatches From the Front 5-DVD box set and a $100 Amazon.com Gift Card to one randomly selected winner. The winner will be announced on the Hangout so you will not want to miss this. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for your opportunity to enter this giveaway (there are actions to receive additional entries).


This Hangout will surely be encouraging and edifying as we speak about missions to unreached peoples. Please RSVP and invite your friends through the Google+ (click YES under “Am I going?”) and Facebook (Click “Going”) event invitations.

 Enter the Giveaway:

Digital Christian DealsFor the past 2.5 years we’ve kept you up-to-date on the best Christian e-Book deals. Today we’re excited to let you know that we’re expanding by launching a second website.

Through running Gospel eBooks we’ve found many amazing non-Kindle deals that we know a lot of you would want to know about. However, to stay focused we haven’t been sharing them.

We’ve seen a need for a website that keeps you up-to-date on great digital sales for Christian music, movies and audiobooks. We’d like to be your go-to site to hear about these great sales. So today we launched Digital Christian Deals.

When we started Gospel eBooks back in 2010 we started out small with just a Twitter page. Then a few months later we expanded into a full website. We’ve decided to emulate that process again so you can currently find us on Twitter and Facebook. After some of the growing pains pass and we find our posting groove, a full site will be launched.

In case you’re wondering Gospel eBooks will not be changing. We’ll still continue to bring you free & discount Christian e-Books daily. Digital Christian Deals will alert you to sales on Christian music, movies & audiobooks–not e-books.

What kind of sales will we be posting? Here’s the initial deals that we posted today:

So, we’d love it if you’d follow us on Digital Christian Deals (Twitter /FB). We’re really excited about this site and can’t wait to inform you of heavily discounted prices on even more Christian content.

We’d love your help, so if you know about a great deal please let us know: digitalchristianmovies [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

What Are You E-Reading?Welcome to the ninth edition of “What are you e-Reading?” A monthly post where we hear from you, about what you’re reading on your Kindle.

Feel free to share everything you’re reading at the moment of your reply. What book are you currently reading in the Bible? Are you reading through an e-Magazine? In the middle of a book, or two..or three? Let us know below.

Kindle Paperwhite now available in Canada

When Amazon releases a new device, it’s always introduced to residents of the United States first. Canadians who have wanted to get their hands on these devices have had to rely on creative methods. If driving across the border isn’t feasible, many Canadians choose to buy and ship a Kindle to an American friend who turns around and ships it to them.

I’m excited to announce that as of today Canadians can finally order the new Kindle Paperwhite without an American middle-man. They are now available in the Canadian store in standard and 3G models.

PURCHASE LINKS: Kindle Paperwhite ($139) / Kindle Paperwhite 3G ($199) / Kindle ($89)

Read the full press release from Amazon here.

Why are Canadians being left out of many deals?

 Jan 19/13 UPDATE: As of right now every deal that we would expect to be free/discounted for Canada that originally wasn’t, now is. This fix also affected multiple publishers which is fantastic news. We are hopeful that this is the end of the two week drought on Canadian deals. The next two days should confirm that as new books are  put on sale. Feel free to browse through our free/discounted sections and pick up any of the deals you missed.

E-books have territory restrictions, which means that both Amazon and the book publisher (depending on the agreement) have the authority to set the price and availability differently in each region. Since we’ve started we’ve always tracked deal prices for both Canada and the United States. There have always been deals available only to certain regions but most have been valid for all of North America. Since January 1, 2013 something has changed. An unusual amount of deals are no longer available to Canadians, including regular promotions that have been available previous to Jan 1st. So, what happened?

Our Role
Before we answer that question it’s very important that we explain our role in this process. The decision of which books go on sale, the price it will be listed at and which regions it’s valid for are not decisions we make. We’re not a website that MAKES deals, we’re a website that FINDS deals. We desire that no one be left out of a great deal, especially Canada since that is the country we’re based out of. However, the decision is not ours.

What’s happening?
Every time we notice a region error, we make sure to alert the publisher. Their response back to us indicates that the problem is with Amazon, not them. When the publisher hears from us about the error they respond back that they’ll get in touch with Amazon to rectify the situation. With their help we’ve seen a few books that have been corrected a few days later, but most remain unchanged. On top of that, the new promos continue to start as available for Americans only.

Today after speaking with David C. Cook they issued this statement by e-mail.

A note for our Canadian readers: Amazon is currently not offering our free eBooks on their Canadian store. We hope to have this resolved soon, but in the meantime, the free downloads will be available on iTunes Canada and other participating retailers.

So to all of our Canadian readership, we’re really sorry that you’re missing out on some great deals. There are still many deals that are available to you and we are optimistic that this issue will be rectified. We’ll keep you up-to-date with any further developments. Stick with us.

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