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Hangout with an Author

Gospel eBooks is excited to announce our 5th on-air Google+ Hangout. Next week on Tuesday August 6th, we’d like to invite you to a live interactive video chat with author Jeff Goins. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from Jeff, ask him your questions and there will be lots of giveaways including one big prize during the Hangout! [RSVP HERE]


Jeff is a blogger, speaker and author. His blog, GoinsWriter.com, is one of the fastest-growing blogs on the web and a well-respected resource for bloggers and writers. He is the author of You Are A Writer, Wrecked and The In-Between. He lives just outside of Nashville, TN  with his wife, Ashely and their son and dog. During the day, he’s the Communications Director for Adventures in Missions, a nonprofit organization.

WHAT WILL WE BE DISCUSSING? His latest book which releases on Aug 1, “The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing“. You can watch the book trailer below and read some of his endorsements as well.

In the past few years I’ve had the honor of watching Jeff Goins transition from a writer into a thought leader and one of the most exciting next generation voices. In this book, you’ll see why and perhaps even more importantly how he did it.
Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of Start

I’m not good at waiting. I’m a traveler, I’m trying to get somewhere, and the “waiting” gets in my way. Then my friend Jeff emails me his new book, The In-Between. I began reading it on a flight in-between Tennessee and Texas, in-between one concert and the next, in-between busy and busier.  Jeff has inspired me to see the value in what takes place in my life not only at point A and point B, but in the space where there doesn’t seem to be a point.  Jeff Goins wrote this book for me, and for anyone else who needs to embrace the waiting and exist in the in-between.
Warren Barfield, singer, songwriter, speaker

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PLANNING TO JOIN US? Please RSVP (click “JOIN”) and then invite your friends through the official Facebook event page. That’s where we’ll chat during the Hangout and the giveaways will happen.

LIVE HANGOUT GIVEAWAY: During the Hangout you’ll get the opportunity to ask Jeff your questions (we’ll take quite a few). For every question we pose to Jeff, the person who asked it will receive a free Kindle copy of “The In-Between”. For the grand prize, Jeff is going to give away a brand new KINDLE FIRE. Details on how to win the Kindle will be revealed on the Hangout.

PRE-HANGOUT GIVEAWAY: To celebrate this event we’re launching a giveaway which starts today and will end when the Hangout begins. The grand prize will be a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card andIn-Between” bonus goodies (e-book, audiobook & reader’s guide for “The In-Between”, Membership to exclusive online community, Jeff’s 30-minute writing workshop & a Wrecked e-book). There will also be four additional winners who will receive the same “In-Between” goodies.

You can enter the giveaway via PunchTab below. If you’d like to better your odds there are social actions you can take to receive additional entries.

In March of this year we announced that we were launching a sister-site called Christian MP3 deals. Since that time we’ve been busy planning for the launch while posting deals on Twitter and Facebook. Our website isn’t ready yet, but we just launched a “coming soon” page which you can see here.

One of the major steps we recently completed was getting our logo designed. It was created by Quincy who also designed the Gospel eBooks logo. Want to see it? Click here to view it on the site.

To watch the Hangout live click play below. It will start at 7pm Central (8pm eastern).

If you’re having problems viewing the video here’s a direct link to it on YouTube.

To CHAT with us live and ask Peter your questions please do so on our official Google+ event page.

To enter the giveaway (ends at 7:30pm Central)

This contest is open to anyone.

Love Into Light Hangout

You’re invited to a Google + Hangout with author Peter Hubbard on Tuesday, July 2 at 7pm Central. We’ll be discussing the Defense of Marriage Act ruling, the end of Exodus International and Peter’s new book, Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church.

Could God use one of the most controversial moral issues in our nation to awaken His church rather than damage it? Pastor Peter Hubbard believes He can. In his new book Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church Hubbard asks “How can Christians live in a culture that promotes the gay lifestyle, yet worship in a culture that never talks about it– other than possibly to condemn it?”

Love Into Light seeks to inject the cultural conversation with the same love and truth that Jesus offers. For those that see homosexuality as somehow worse than other sins, Hubbard offers clarity through his real-life counseling examples and scripture, explaining that self-righteous judgment of homosexuality is a sin just like homosexual behavior itself. “If our attitude toward a gay or lesbian person is disgust, we have forgotten the gospel,” says Hubbard. And for those who feel the Bible is an outdated resource on the topic, Hubbard argues its relevance.

Planning on joining us live? Here are some suggested actions:

Today (Mon, July 1):

1. RSVP on the Google+ event page (click “Yes” by “Are you Going?”)

2. Invite your friends/circles to the event (pretty please?).

3. Enter the giveaway at the bottom of this page. The winners will be announced on the Hangout.

Tomorrow (Tue, July 2):

4. Pick up a copy of Peter’s book “Love into Light” at a discounted rate. It’ll be the first post on the main page tomorrow.

5. Visit the main page of Gospel eBooks just before 7pm central and there will be a live Youtube video embedded in a post for you to watch the Hangout.

6. Visit the Google+ event page in a separate window just before the Hangout starts. That’s where you can comment live, chat with others and ask Peter your questions.

Love Into Light Hangout

Gospel eBooks is excited to partner together with Ambassador International to bring you our fourth on-air Google+ Hangout. This coming Tuesday July 2nd, we’d like to invite you to join us for a live interactive video chat with author Peter Hubbard. [RSVP HERE]

WHO IS PETER HUBBARD? Peter Hubbard is Teaching Pastor at North Hills Community Church in Taylors, SC, where he has communicated the truth of the scriptures since the church began in 1992. Peter appreciates the never- ending opportunities to engage with hurting people and to apply the hope of the gospel to the messy places of our lives. He has earned two masters degrees and is currently completing a doctor of ministry degree in pastoral counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Peter and his wife Karen have been married for twenty-five years and have four children.

WHAT WILL WE BE DISCUSSING? His new book “Love into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and the Church” which was released earlier this month. You can watch the book trailer below and read some of his endorsements as well.

This comes at just the right time. . . . Those who live under Scripture are increasingly eager to put on humility, speak with and learn from those who experience same-sex attraction, and consider what all this means for life in Christ’s Kingdom.
–Dr. Ed Welch, counselor and faculty member at CCEF

Powerfully insightful book. . . . I am not aware of a more valuable first resource to help shape our thinking on this very contemporary issue.
–Dr. Fred G. Zaspel, Calvary Baptist Seminary

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PLANNING TO JOIN US? Please RSVP and invite your friends through the official Google+ event invitation (click YES under “Are you going?”).

GIVEAWAY: We will be having a big giveaway to celebrate this Hangout. The grand prize winner will receive a brand new Kindle Paperwhite pre-loaded with Ambassador International’s entire e-book library (over 100 books). The runner-up will receive a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

You can enter the giveaway via PunchTab below. If you’d like to better your odds there are actions you can take to receive additional entries.

This contest is open to anyone.

Earlier today we posted a guide explaining the best way to get super cheap audiobooks. We’ve been watching these promos closely for a few months now and there seems to be a consistent amount of these combination deals (buying the Kindle Book gives you the Audiobook at a sale price). We know many of you would like to take advantage of these offers and we’d like to help make that an easy process for you. The following is an explanation of how Gospel eBooks will handle these audiobook deals moving forward as well as an important update concerning Digital Christian Deals.

Gospel eBooks

Whenever an e-book we post has a special promo on the audiobook for $4.99 or less, we’ll let you know about it from this point on. We’ll post this info right underneath the download link so you don’t have to visit the Amazon page looking to find out which books have combination deals. As we mentioned in this article, not every book has an audiobook, and for those that do, not all of them will be on sale. However, we are finding enough deals on a regular basis that we believe it should be a feature of this site.

Digital Christian Deals

A little less than three months ago we announced that we were launching a sister site to track deals on Christian music, movies and audiobooks. We mentioned that we were going to start small and then “after some of the growing pains pass and we find our posting groove, a full site will be launched.” We’re not there yet.

Here’s a few things we’ve learned so far though that we’d like to update you on.

1) Movies

Christian movies are a small sliver of the movie market. Christian movies available digitally make up a sliver of that sliver and Christian movies available digitally that are on sale make for, well, not many updates if you have a site that’s trying to track them. We don’t believe it’s a good use of our time to continue tracking movie deals as they are so infrequent. The market just isn’t there yet. Maybe one day, but not now.

2) Audiobooks

Every month there seems to be about two free audiobooks available other than the scattered one here and there. Every once in a while Audible or ChristianAudio will throw a sale but we’ve found that the prices are often not “WOW”. Some are, but not many. In contrast, the article we posted earlier today shows you how to consistently get incredible deals on audiobooks that do WOW us. Because you must get the Kindle version first to unlock the audiobook deal it only makes sense to incorporate that into Gospel eBooks posts. Since Gospel eBooks will be handling them, Digital Christian Deals will no longer. We still haven’t figured out where we’ll mention the free audiobook posts yet. It’s a new area for us so please be patient with us while we experiment to find what works best.

3) MP3’s

We’ve found that Amazon MP3 is regularly having great mp3 sales. Most of them do come from the general market but quite a few of them are Christian. Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to understand what’s driving most deals. We still have a lot to learn. As of right now our posts are spotty/unpredictable and we’re not satisfied with that (which is why we haven’t moved forward with a site yet). We want to do a better job tracking these deals for you and believe if we focus more time on it we’ll become more consistent/predictable/comprehensive in this area. We found a few other sites tried to do this a few years ago but stopped posting. Right now we can’t find any other sites that track Christian MP3 deals (if you know of any, please let us know). So we want to serve in this way because there’s too many great sales that will go unnoticed unless they’re announced by a central site. We want to be that site. From this point forward we will be known as Christian MP3 Deals to better communicate our focus.


1) Gospel eBooks will begin mentioning combination (Kindle/Audiobook) deals inside our regular deal posts.
2) Digital Christian Deals will exclusively track Christian MP3 deals.
3) Digital Christian Deals will now be known as “Christian MP3 Deals”.
Web: www.christianmp3deals.com Twitter: @christmp3deals Facebook: christmp3deals


If you have any feedback or suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. We’d love to know what you like and what you don’t like so we can better deliver deals to you.

Thanks for sticking with us as we experiment.

How To Get Audible Deals

When Whispersync was announced in 2012, Amazon began offering substantial discounts on audiobooks to those who purchase the Kindle version of the same title. Many audiobooks that regularly cost $10-15 can now be purchased for as low as 2, 3 or 4 dollars. Even though you need to purchase two products, often you can get both the e-book and audiobook for significantly cheaper than just purchasing one at full price.

A Real Life Example of Incredible Savings

Let me show you an example with “October Baby” from B&H Publishing.

If you’d like to listen to the audiobook it will cost you $9.95 (?) on Audible.com (an Amazon owned company).

Recently October Baby was on sale in the Kindle store for $0.99. Since I purchased the Kindle book, I was now entitled to download the audiobook for just $1.99 (?). So for less than $3 I was able to get the e-book and audiobook of October Baby. That’s incredible!

The Walk-through: Step #1

To take advantage of great offers like these, first verify there is a discounted audiobook available. Not every book has an audiobook, and not every one is available at a discount. When you’re viewing a Kindle book on Amazon look for the “Whispersync for Voice” box underneath the price which looks like this:

Whispersync $1.99 Audible Article
DEC 2015 UPDATE: This box no longer displays. Now look for “Add Audible narration to your purchase for just [price]” on the right hand side right underneath the orange buy now button.

The Walk-through: Step #2

God Built Audible ArticleNext, purchase the Kindle book and Amazon will bring you to their confirmation screen. On the right hand side of that page you’ll see a Whispersync box which will give you a direct link to the Audible audiobook. The image to your right is the box you’re looking for.

Now just click the “Buy at Audible.com” button and complete the checkout process.

Works on FREE E-Books too

This particular example (God Built) is of an audiobook that’s says it’s available at a reduced price of $3.99      . What’s great about this deal is the Kindle book was previously available for FREE. So instead of paying $10.95 for just the audiobook I can get both for less than $4.

Kindle Books I Already Own: Did I Miss Out?

To see if a discount audiobook is available for an e-book you already own login to Amazon’s Matchmaker and it will let you know.

So if there’s a book you’d love to listen to, buying the Kindle version when it goes on sale may be the cheapest way for you to get that audiobook.

If you’ve found this how-to article helpful, please help us spread the word by sharing it.

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