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Author(s): Jeff Kinley
Publisher:  Harvest Prophecy
Price: $2.99       (May 23-30)
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“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”
—Matthew 24:37
Noah’s story is remembered as a Sunday school lesson taught with felt-board animals—yet the Bible paints a darker picture, one in which earth’s people grew so wicked God had to destroy them in a global flood. Millenia later, Jesus prophesied the same widespread spiritual rebellion would mark the days leading into the end times.

From bestselling prophecy author Jeff Kinley, As It Was in the Days of Noah reveals the parallels between the time before flood and our current culture, highlighting the rise in evil, the surge in immorality, and the pandemic of godlessness. This book
examines the signs that the end times are rapidly drawing nearer
affirms the urgency of reaching the lost with God’s compassionate truth
equips believers to live wisely, making their days count for eternity

As It Was in the Days of Noah illuminates the biblical evidence that God’s judgment is imminent—and reveals how Noah’s story provides a deep reservoir of hope for all who follow Christ.


Author(s):  W. David O. Taylor
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (May 23 Only)
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“A book you will want to read and read again.” — Eugene Peterson

Afterword by Bono.

How can we find a more transparent, resilient, and fearless life of faith?

The book of Psalms has been central to God’s people for millennia, across all walks of life and cultural contexts. In reading it, we discover that we are never alone in our joys, sorrows, angers, doubts, praises, or thanksgivings. In it, we learn about prayer and poetry, honesty and community, justice and enemies, life and death, nations and creation. Open and Unafraid shows us how to read the psalms in a fresh, life-giving way, and so access the bottomless resources for life that they provide.


Author(s):  Drake De Long-Farmer
Publisher: N/A
Price: $4.99       Buy Now!

Stuck. Trapped. Tired. Burned out. Is this how you feel? You know that God has called you to something better, yet you don’t know how to get there. And on top of all of that, when you hear stories about life change, you wonder if your turn will ever come…

In #AddictedToHope, you will begin your journey to change by learning about a simple, yet transformational shift that I’ve seen work over and over again. Join me—and everyone else—who have discovered what it means to be #AddictedToHope.

In this book we will explore:

#AddictedToHope: More Than Just A Hashtag
#FullOfLove: the Foundation For Our Hope
#ANewHope: Have We Lost Our Way?
#WordsKill: Why I Don’t Complain About The Weather
#Anchored: Hope For The Hopeless
#Soar: Hope For The Addict
#FuelledByFaith: Every Marathon Starts With A First Step


Author(s): Douglas Sean O’Donnell & Leland Ryken
Publisher:  Crossway
Price: $5.99       (Ends May 28)
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The Sacred Duty and Delight of Handling the Word of God

In order to understand, appreciate, and faithfully preach the word of God, pastors must discern the literary nature of the Bible. Instead of just acknowledging the various genres of Scripture, pastors and teachers should allow these genres to influence how the text is approached and communicated. In The Beauty and Power of Biblical Exposition, they will learn how to both read and preach the Bible as a literary anthology.

To accomplish this, Douglas Sean O’Donnell and Leland Ryken teach pastors how to faithfully preach while keeping the original authors’ intentions in mind, helping them grow in their craft and love for God’s word. They explain how to read six genres—including narratives, parables, epistles, poetry, proverbs, and visionary writings—for the purpose of captivating congregations with the richness of Scripture.

Written for Pastors: Especially young pastors or those just out of seminary
Practical: Contains guides, tables, and examples to help develop sermons
Heartfelt: Written with the desire for pastors to learn and grow as communicators


Author(s): Mark Jobe
Publisher:  Moody Publishers
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

I want to live God’s calling, but where do I begin?

Be it in the midst of a spiritual lull, a midlife crisis, or an unforeseen pandemic, at some point all Christians feel the need to readdress and reorient to move toward God’s calling for their lives. What Now? is for anyone who wants to emerge from stagnation and envision what could be best for their next season of life. You’ll learn how to:

Be still and discern God’s will for your life
Re-envision the possibilities of your calling
Turn away from isolation and turn to healthy community
Boldly step out into the unknown with faith
Don’t let confusion or fear of the unknown keep you from moving toward the fullness of God’s plan for your life. Instead, learn to listen to the spiritual whisper directing you to the next stage in your divine calling. As you long to live differently and find your heart awakening to new possibilities, What Now? will help you step forward bravely.


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