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Author(s):  Joan Neumann
Publisher:  Proud Daughter Publishing
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

The United States history is driven by many forces: fidelity and obedience to the United States Constitution and laws, belief in natural law, morality, religion, individual freedom, family, love for our children, friendships, culture, tradition, history, leadership, philosophy, politics, patriotism, business, jobs, creative ideas, innovations and inventions, technology, education, free-market economics, natural resources, respect and love for nature, access to food, water, land, and property ownership. All these forces influence the nature of our historical society; however, there is no force that is more universal, basic, and true than natural law, and a commitment to a worship, and belief in God. The United States is a natural rights Nation, and these natural rights have an origin in natural law. Our founding documents — the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights — are natural law documents based upon natural law.

Author(s):  Kelly Irvin
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (Ends Oct 31)
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Her best friend is murdered the same way her brother was years ago. Is there anyone she can possibly trust?

A decade ago, Delaney Broward discovered her brother’s murdered body at the San Antonio art co-op he founded with friends. Her artist boyfriend, Hunter Nash, went to prison for the murder, despite his not-guilty plea.

This morning, Hunter walks out of prison a free man, having served his sentence.

This afternoon, Delaney finds her best friend dead, murdered in the same fashion as her brother.

Stay out of it or you’re next, the killer warns.


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Book details:

Kregel: Romans and Galatians (Ironside Expository Commentaries) by H. A. Ironside vs. 1 and 2 Corinthians (Ironside Expository Commentaries) by H. A. Ironside

New Leaf: Universe by Design by Danny Faulkner vs. Did God Use Evolution? by Dr. Werner Gitt

Good Book Company: Living without Worry: How to replace anxiety with peace (Live Different) by Timothy Lane vs. Refreshed: Devotions For Your Time Away by John Hindley

Crossway: 1–3 John: Fellowship in God’s Family (Preaching the Word) by David L. Allen vs. 1–2 Peter and Jude: Sharing Christ’s Sufferings (Preaching the Word) by David R. Helm

Christian Focus: The Trial of the 16th Century: Calvin & Servetus by Jonathan Moorhead vs. Rebels Rescued: A Student’s Guide to Reformed Theology by Brian Cosby

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