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Author(s): Roger Carswell
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Price: $2.99       (Oct 29-30)
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Evangelist Roger Carswell has a burden to reach the lost with the good news of the gospel. He is also deeply concerned that Christians should have a love for those without Jesus. In this carefully crafted devotional journal of 52 readings, he has brought together a selection of Bible passages, prayers and hymns designed to help us all cultivate a soul winner’s passion.

Author(s): William R. Osborne
Publisher: Crossway
Price: $2.99       (Oct 28-29)
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The concept of blessing pervades the everyday life of Christians—from testimonies recounting God’s provision, to praise songs, to wishing someone well. In fact, the term has been so integrated into Christian language that it is rarely considered thoughtfully. In the pages of Scripture, blessing seems to be either physical or spiritual, but a fuller biblical-theological approach reveals that God’s blessing has always been both spiritual and physical.

In Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God, William Osborne traces the theme of blessing throughout Scripture as he guides readers into a deeper understanding of how God’s gracious benevolence impacts the everyday lives of Christians.


In this grab bag, we have 8 e-books from Charisma House which are on sale in celebration of Halloween 2021. The prices and sale dates that the publisher has provided are under each e-book cover.









Author(s): John Hever
Publisher: N/A
Price: $0.99       (Oct 27-31)
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Christianity is Facing an Authenticity Crisis…

Why do we feel the need to hide our struggles, doubts, and fears? Why is there sometimes a disconnect between our faith and our feelings? Why do we sometimes wonder, God, what are you doing? Are you even there?

For some, this comes from being handed a shame-based religion, for others, an image-keeping faith of rules and regulations. For others still, Christianity is a hamster wheel of performance. And this led me to realizing …

I can’t do this anymore.

I can’t pretend. I can’t hide the battle we all face in living as sons and daughters of God in a fallen world. I can’t deny that more than I’d like to admit, I live from an “orphan identity,” stuck in a false narrative of a distant God. But there is another way, and I’d be honored to share it with you. Once you embrace who you really are, that’s when the fun begins.


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