The Hidden Delight of God: How to Kill Your Fear, Find Your Freedom and Take Back Your Life

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Christianity is Facing an Authenticity Crisis…

Why do we feel the need to hide our struggles, doubts, and fears? Why is there sometimes a disconnect between our faith and our feelings? Why do we sometimes wonder, God, what are you doing? Are you even there?

For some, this comes from being handed a shame-based religion, for others, an image-keeping faith of rules and regulations. For others still, Christianity is a hamster wheel of performance. And this led me to realizing …

I can’t do this anymore.

I can’t pretend. I can’t hide the battle we all face in living as sons and daughters of God in a fallen world. I can’t deny that more than I’d like to admit, I live from an “orphan identity,” stuck in a false narrative of a distant God. But there is another way, and I’d be honored to share it with you. Once you embrace who you really are, that’s when the fun begins.

I’ve learned that the path to living “2.0” is through facing our haunting questions with honesty. It’s by acknowledging the difficulty of transformation and the struggle to turn to a God who wants something more for you than guilt, shame, and performance.

In The Hidden Delight of God, you will learn to walk in what Christianity was intended to be…

Freedom. Grace. Authenticity.

This book is an invitation for you to discover the simple, but profound truth that God delights in his kids, and that realization is the first step to killing your fear, finding your freedom, and taking back your life.

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