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Author(s): Andreas Köstenberger
Publisher: Kregel Academic
Price: $2.99       (Oct 25-26)
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An authoritative guide to accurately interpreting and applying God’s Word.

In this second edition of Invitation to Biblical Interpretation, Andreas Kostenberger leads the reader step-by-step through the process of interpreting and applying God’s Word.

The primary principle is the hermeneutical triad, which consists of history, literature, and theology. Readers are equipped to explore the historical background of a biblical passage, analyze its literary genre and features, and derive its theological meaning in light of the biblical canon. Numerous examples are provided throughout to illustrate the concepts. A concluding chapter provides direction on practical application, preaching, and helpful tools for Bible study.


Author(s): Michael Card
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $2.99       (Oct 25-26)
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Jesus’ life is a song that still resonates down through the ages. His deeds and words speak with beauty and mystery, both comforting and confounding us. Who is this man?
Over the course of his career, singer-songwriter Michael Card has explored the depths of Scripture by bringing together biblical study and the power of the imagination. Now he sheds light on the life of Jesus through lyrical reflections on the four Gospels. These forty meditations lead us to a place where Jesus becomes real and we can hear him with both hearts and minds.
Listen again to the life of the Nazarene. And discover anew the music of Christ in your soul.

Author(s): Akin Odidi
Publisher: N/A
Price: $4.15       Buy Now!

Success is not solely determined by one’s level of comfort or wealth. Standing tall and walking high are products of purposeful living and a life full of meaning and devotion to the greater good. when people run with purpose, they aim to win in life. They aim to be the best they could by stimulating their consciousness. Running with purpose by running to win means believing in one’s ability to rise above mediocrity by embracing excellence. It means focusing on the things that provoke one’s greatness rather than things that diminish them. Running with purpose means aiming at swimming in the oceans rather than swimming in tea cups that people’s mind has confined them to. Running with purpose means pursuing greatness and wealth for the greater good because when a person puts the greater good first, they find happiness and greater peace.

Womanhood E-Book Deals

In this grab bag, we have 4 e-books for women. The prices and sale dates that they have provided are under each book cover.

Ends Oct 31

Ends Oct 31

Ends Oct 31

Ends Oct 31

Author(s): J. P. Moreland
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $1.99       Buy Now!

In a culture in which science is believed to hold the answers to every question, spiritual realities like the soul are often ignored or ridiculed. We are told that neuroscience holds the key to explaining every aspect of human behavior. Yet Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland argues that Scripture, sound philosophical reasoning, and everyday experience all point to the reality of an immaterial soul. Countering the arguments of both naturalists and Christian scholars who embrace a material-only view of humanity, Moreland demonstrates why it is both biblical and reasonable to believe humans are essentially spiritual beings. He also describes the various components of the soul and how Christians can nurture their souls as disciples of Christ. Moreland shows that neuroscience and the soul are not competing explanations of human activity, but that both coexist and influence one another.

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