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In this grab bag, we have 4 e-books from the New Testament Theology Series by Crossway. The prices and sale dates that they have provided are under each book cover.

Ends Apr 19

Ends Apr 19

Ends Apr 19

Ends Apr 19

Author(s):  J. P. Moreland
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $3.99       (Ends April 30)
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Does God Still Do Miracles Today? A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles will give you confidence in and awareness of the supernatural realm as you learn how to flourish spiritually by experiencing more miraculous interventions in your life and ministry. Internationally renowned philosopher J. P. Moreland looks at the nature of miracles and explains why bearing and receiving credible testimony to God’s miraculous acts is a crucial feature of a mature Jesus-follower. He also shows how to distinguish a real miracle from a mere coincidence. Miracles bring comfort to believers, strengthening faith in God and creating boldness in our lives.

While miraculous healings have occurred frequently throughout church history, Moreland provides data showing how the last fifty years have seen a massive outbreak of miracles and supernatural activity. Today, he argues, the church should humbly expect to see more of these miraculous works of God than we do.


Author(s): Mandy Shrock & Joel Shrock
Publisher:  In Abundance
Price: $2.99       (April 13 Only)
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Do you wish marriage came with an instruction manual? Look no further than the very Creator of marriage. Within God’s Word is a blueprint for marriage where you can discover his design, intention, and instructions for marriage.
This book contains one year of weekly devotions (four devotions each month) to help you grow closer to God and each other as a couple. In reading these devotions with your spouse, you will:
Discover God’s purpose and plan for marriage.
Grow closer to God.
Strengthen your marital bond.
Master taking on life’s challenges as a team.
Learn practical ways to improve, not just your marriage, but other relationships.
This book dives into subjects such as teamwork, forgiveness, vulnerability, allowing your spouse freedom to be who they are, finances, parental interference, unconditional love, healthy boundaries, supporting each other, carrying each other’s burdens, listening with compassion, and healthy conflict resolution.


Author(s): Scott Drew
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99 (Ends April 30)       Buy Now!

Scott Drew, head basketball coach of the NCAA National Championship-winning Baylor Bears, rebuilt a program mired in scandal by instilling a culture of putting Jesus first. The Road to J.O.Y. is packed with leadership and coaching lessons that can equip any leader to make their team a championship team.

When Drew accepted the head coaching position at Baylor in 2003, the job was arguably the worst in all of college sports. The men’s basketball team had been disgraced by scandal: one player murdered a teammate, and the head coach who lied about the details tried to conceal illegal cash payments to his players, including a false allegation that the murdered player had been dealing drugs. It was an unprecedented story and a national embarrassment. Still, Coach Drew had a confident vision of what the program could be, even in the face of such adversity, and he guided his team to the pinnacle of success—Baylor’s first National Championship—while leading with, and living out, his faith.


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