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Author(s): Oladapo Richard Osuntokun
Publisher: N/A
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

The “Ordained Demon is a captivating “must-read exciting book” that meshes self-help and fiction within a thriller.
Can anyone imagine how a perfect child with all the trappings of anointment and greatness became hijacked by temptations?

Even though he was initially unwilling, he reached an Epiphany and attended the seminary through thick and thin.

It was a tough life and a hard-fought battle.

Heaven opened, and the sanctuary became electric with an overwhelming presence of joy, peace, and tranquility.

This young Priest (Michael) entered the moment dwelling within the Spirit of God.

The blind man regained his vision. The lame walked, and the deaf spoke.


Author(s): Jerry Sittser
Publisher:  Zondervan
Price: $3.99       (Ends Feb 28)
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With vulnerability and honesty, Jerry Sittser walks through his own grief and loss to show that new life is possible–one marked by spiritual depth, joy, compassion, and a deeper appreciation of simple and ordinary gifts. This 25th anniversary edition features a new introduction and two additional chapters, one which provides help for pastors and counselors.

Loss came suddenly for Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a tragic car accident claimed three generations of his family: his mother, his wife, and his young daughter. While most of us will not experience such a catastrophic loss in our lifetime, all of us will face some kind of loss in life. But we can, if we choose, know the grace that transforms us.

Whether your suffering has come in the form of chronic illness, disability, divorce, unemployment, crushing disappointment, or the loss of someone you love, Sittser will help you put your thoughts into words in a way that will guide you deeper into your own healing process.


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Book details:

Kregel: Arabs in the Shadow of Israel: The Unfolding of God’s Prophetic Plan for Ishmael’s Line by Tony Maalouf vs. 40 Questions About Islam by Matthew Bennett

Intervarsity Press: From Adam and Israel to the Church by Benjamin L. Gladd vs. The Path of Faith by Brandon Crowe

Reformation Heritage: Sing a New Song: Recovering Psalm Singing for the Twenty-First Century by Joel R. Beeke and Anthony Selvaggio vs. The Day of Worship: Reassessing the Christian Life in Light of the Sabbath by Ryan McGraw

New Leaf: Jesus Unmasked: The Truth Will Shock You by Todd Friel vs. The Christ by Carroll Roberson

Good Book Company: Dream Small: The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life by Seth Lewis vs. Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection in Everyday Life by Tim Chester

Crossway: Overcoming Sin and Temptation: Three Classic Works by John Owen by John Owen vs. A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do) by Sam Storms

Christian Focus: The Trustworthiness of God’s Words: Why the Reliability of Every Word from God Matters by Layton Talbert vs. Can I really trust the Bible?: and other questions about Scripture, truth and how God speaks (Questions Christians Ask) by Barry Cooper

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