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David C. Cook Header

In this grab bag, we have 6 e-books from David C. Cook. The prices and sale dates that they have provided are under each book cover.

Ends Jan 2

Ends Jan 2

Ends Jan 2

Ends Jan 2

Ends Jan 2

Ends Jan 2

Author(s): Akin Odidi
Publisher: N/A
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

The love of God is never in doubt. It is total, unconditional, and unparalleled. It is in furtherance of this love by God that Jesus Christ was ransomed for the sins of mankind. This book is a reflection of the unending love of God, starting from the story of creation to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is indeed a must-read for all believers and for those looking for faith, as their love for, and understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ will surely be deepened.

Harvest House Publishers Header

In this grab bag, we have 6 fiction e-books from Harvest House. The prices and sale dates that they have provided are under each book cover.

Ends Jan 3

Ends Jan 3

Ends Jan 3

Ends Jan 3

Ends Jan 3

Ends Jan 3

Author(s):  Jennifer Ford Berry
Publisher:  Baker Books
Price: $1.99       (Ends Jan 31)
Buy Now!

Stuff. We have too much of it. Clothing, kitchen gadgets, electronics, home decor. And more of it arrives on our doorstep all the time. Our stuff takes up an incredible amount of our space, time, energy, and money. But do all these possessions truly make us happier?

Certified professional organizer and bestselling author Jennifer Ford Berry says no. Rather than living for our stuff, what actually gives us joy is knowing and living out our purpose in life. In Make Room, Berry shows you how to live a more meaningful and intentional life by revealing how to

– define your purpose
– plan your time
– declutter your home
– prepare for the future
– and much more

If you long to get rid of what distracts you from living out your God-given calling in life, this book is your roadmap to success, offering principles to recognize and eliminate anything that is cluttering up your life.


Author(s):  Beth Allison Barr
Publisher:  Brazos Press
Price: $4.99       (Ends Jan 31)
Buy Now!

USA Today Bestseller

Christianity Today 2022 Book Award Finalist (History & Biography)

Foreword INDIES 2021 Finalist for Religion

“A powerful work of skillful research and personal insight.”–Publishers Weekly

Biblical womanhood–the belief that God designed women to be submissive wives, virtuous mothers, and joyful homemakers–pervades North American Christianity. From choices about careers to roles in local churches to relationship dynamics, this belief shapes the everyday lives of evangelical women. Yet biblical womanhood isn’t biblical, says Baylor University historian Beth Allison Barr. It arose from a series of clearly definable historical moments.


If you’re looking to increase your reading, diversify what you read, and feel like an incentivized point system would motivate you, then the Gospel eBooks reading challenge is for you!

DOWNLOAD THE CHALLENGE HERE (and then print it out)


🏆 THE GOAL: Try to accumulate the highest number of points you can during the calendar year. This will lead to a year of increased and diverse reading.

📚 HOW IT WORKS: Tailor your 2023 reading around one or more of the four challenges (monthly, format, themed, & flexible). You do not need to attempt all challenges, nor do you need to finish one before moving on to another.

💡 STRATEGY: Each category yields a different number of points, so if a book you read fits more than one category, fill it out in the spot yielding the most points. You can only check off a book you read in one challenge category.


Do I have to read e-books only?
No, three of the four challenges are format agnostic. Only in the “format” challenges are certain book types required (ex. “Read an audiobook”). You can complete any other challenge using a paper book, e-book, or audiobook.

Does a book have to be Christian to count?
No, except when specified. There are some categories such as “read a book by someone in [Christian denomination name],” which are explicitly Christian. However, there are many more categories which are open-ended, such as “an author’s debut book” or a “a book that will help you be a better worker.” For these types of categories, they count whether they were written by a Christian or non-Christian.

Can I fulfill challenges with fiction books?
Yes. While some themes may be impossible to fulfill with fiction, many were written broadly so that you can choose to fulfill it with a fiction book if desired (ex. a book that will make you laugh).

How long do I have to finish a book?
For three of the challenges (themed, format, flexible) you can start a new book anytime in 2023 and it will count towards your point total as long as you finish by Dec 31, 2023. The “monthly” challenges also do not need to be finished until year’s end, but those need to be STARTED in the corresponding month to count.

What is my high score good for?
Consider doing the challenge with a friend, spouse, or group. You can then challenge them as a means of accountability or as friendly competition. You can also challenge yourself by trying to outdo your score next year.


DOWNLOAD THE CHALLENGE HERE (and then print it out).

Share feedback and constructive criticism with us throughout the year via this contact form (to help make next year’s even better).

We’d also love it if you would share about this challenge on social media and tag us (Facebook or Twitter). We’d love to see your updates and we will be re-sharing some of them along the way.

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