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Author(s): Allen Gee
Publisher: Purple Dove Press
Price: $1.99       (July 10-16)
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This book is a true breakthrough that can heal and set you free! It can benefit anyone, from those who need help forgiving to those who want a deeper understanding of forgiveness in order to help. Pastors and therapists will find it an invaluable resource for their churches and clients. It provides powerful unique insights to help you forgive deeply and quickly so you can move on with your life to be freer and happier.
Are you seeking healing from the wounds that haunt you? Do you waste precious time and energy thinking about long past hurts and injustices? Or would you like to understand what keeps people stuck in unforgiveness and what you can do to help? Many people are confused about forgiveness and need clarity regarding what it is and how to do it effectively.

Dr. Allen’s book has seven important features:

It is a one-of-a-kind book, unlike any other forgiveness book on the market. The book is full of original innovative ideas that take readers on an emotional journey, exploring the depths of their hearts. For instance, it describes how the Acceptance Conundrum often keeps people stuck in unforgiveness, them struggling, unable to accept the unacceptable.


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