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Author(s): Tiffany Watkins
Publisher: N/A
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Living a successful single life as a Christian or Christian in ministry can be challenging and difficult at times. With all the temptations and corruption we see going on among Christians concerning sex in the church, a book needed to be written on how to counteract the pitfalls of the enemy when it comes to sex and the church. Tiffany gives candid, personal and honest information through her testimony and others on how to live your best life now as singles. Tiffany addresses issues such as •Loneliness•Lust versus love•Controlling the desires of the flesh •How to hold out for God’s perfect will for your life•Spirit Marriages •and so much more…….. She gives invaluable information on how to deal with the struggles singles and those in ministry often deal with when it comes to sex. She empowers you to deal with real issues in a way that brings a personal and favorable change in your personal life and ministry. Many issues discussed in this book are not only helpful and relate to those that are single but also point out valuable information for those who are married. Through a detailed self-assessment survey, she guides you through a process of healing so that you can walk into your divine destiny. God has anointed you in your singleness because he can trust you to live your life to the fullest and represent him at the same time!

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