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Author(s): David Helm
Publisher: The Good Book Company
Price: $2.99       (Nov 25-26)
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We live in difficult times to be people who obey God and worship him alone. How can we be confident under pressure and faithful in the fire?

In this readable, accessible, exciting volume walking through one of the best-loved books of the Bible, David Helm shows how Daniel and his friends learned how to live in Babylon, far from their home in God’s land—and how we can do the same.


Author(s): Terry Toler
Publisher: N/A
Price: $4.99       Buy Now!

In the spiritual realm, divine health is an absolute right of every Christian.

In the physical, many still struggle with pain, sickness, and premature death. This twenty-one-day interactive workbook from best-selling author, Terry Toler, provides the reader with a new approach to physical healing. It takes the reader on a compassionate journey of discovery, as it answers the following questions:

◆ Is it okay to go to doctors?
◆ What should I do if I’m not healed?
◆ Do I have enough faith?
◆ Does God really want to heal me?

The Scripture says the believer is transformed by the renewing of the mind. This in depth-book, before only available online, has helped thousands experience the transformational power of God to heal their lives.

What others are saying:
“We aren’t being taught this in churches today.”
“This is the most practical and marvelous explanation of healing I’ve ever read.”
“This book is going beyond just learning something. It’s going to change lives!”

The Day Approaching: An Israeli’s Message of Warning and Hope for the Last Days
Amir Tsarfati
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Price: $3.99       (Ends Jan 5)
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Are You Noticing the Signs of the Times?

In the Bible, Jesus spoke about the signs that would make it clear His return is near. What are those signs? And are they evident today?

As a Jewish native Israeli who is a Christian, Amir Tsarfati has a distinct perspective that weaves biblical history, current events, and Bible prophecy together to shine light on the mysteries about the end times. From his vantage point in the Middle East and through careful Bible study, Amir points to evidence that informs us the return of the Lord is imminent.

In The Day Approaching, you will learn…
God’s plans for the world, Israel, the church, and you
that the signs of Christ’s return are visible all around us
about the smoke screen of deception that will lure people away from truth
how even now God is revealing Himself to people and changing their hearts
of the wonders that await us in Jesus’ future millennial kingdom
As you seek hope and clarity about earth’s final days, let the Bible alone be the resource you turn to for answers.

The Day Approaching Study Guide
Amir Tsarfati
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Price: $1.99       (Ends Jan 5)
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A Closer Look at the Signs of the Times

How can we know when we’re drawing near to the rapture and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Jesus Himself answered that question, revealing to all Christians the signs we are to watch for—signs that will alert us to the imminence of His return. Scripture also gives us a fascinating preview of what life will be like in Jesus’ millennial kingdom on earth. In The Day Approaching Study Guide, you’ll get an up-close look at God’s plans for what is to come, and how that affects you today.

Designed for use alongside Amir Tsarfati’s book The Day Approaching, this study guide will take you through Jesus’ own prophecies and many others so that you can gain greater clarity on what to expect—as well as explore the amazing future that awaits you!

A great resource for either individual or group study.

Author(s): Phylicia Masonheimer
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Price: $3.99       (Ends Jan 5)
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“If you’re tired of surface-level teaching and shallow faith, this book will ignite a fire in your soul for a deeper walk with Jesus and draw you into the depths of the Word.”
——Gretchen Saffles, founder of Well-Watered Women

Why We Need Jesus More Than Compliments

“You’re a beautiful daughter of the Most High King.” And it’s true. But it’s not the whole truth. The beauty of being God’s daughter has backstory.

If you’re tired of hearing the watered-down Christian teaching and hungry for a deeper spiritual life—one that gives real answers to your hardest questions—Stop Calling Me Beautiful teaches you how. You will learn
how to pursue the truths of who God is and who you are in relationship to Him
how to study Scripture, and how your view of God determines how you face life’s challenges
how legalism, shallow theology, and false teaching keep you from living boldly as a woman of the Word
how to experience God’s presence in painful circumstances
Jesus doesn’t offer a powerless salvation. He makes your brokenness part of His whole redemption story—if you allow Him to. Don’t settle for a feel-good faith. If you want victory over insecurity, fear, shame, and the circumstances you are facing, it’s time to embrace Jesus. All of Him.


Author(s): Stephen & Cheri Saccone
Publisher: Navpress
Price: $3.99       (Ends Nov 30)
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“And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it. But do this in a gentle and respectful way” (1 Peter 3:15-16, NLT).

Talking About God demonstrates that spiritual conversations have the potential to profoundly impact someone’s faith journey, when we simply engage people with honesty and respect. For people who are intimidated or fatigued by the idea of talking about matters of faith, Talking about God offers story after gripping story about conversations that avoid offering platitudes and unnecessary divisiveness, and instead draw people organically and relationally toward the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Discover refreshing portraits of natural, authentic, God-directed dialogues that protect the dignity of the people we love and lead them into life-changing conversations.


Author(s): Cynthia Heald
Publisher: Navpress
Price: $3.99       (Ends Nov 30)
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In The Faithful Way, treasured Bible-study teacher Cynthia Heald challenges believers of all ages to remain faithful to guard their hearts and be on the alert against temptation. Our goal, no matter our age, should be to follow Christ well and finish strong. The Faithful Way is a 31-day devotional study that both cautions and comforts as Cynthia leads readers through the lessons God has taught her through His character, His Word, and His saints. The Faithful Way will equip readers to face temptations, encourage them in an intentionally faithful life that brings honor to Christ, and enable them to say “I have remained faithful.”

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