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  • An Unsettled Path
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  • The Butterscotch Story: Powerful Faith with Resolute Focus
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Author(s): John Piper
Publisher: Desiring God (Cruciform Press)
Price: $2.99       (July 22-23)
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Turn your world on its head.

For more than thirty years, John Piper pastored in the rough and tumble realities of downtown Minneapolis, preaching his people through the ups and downs of life one Sunday at a time. When it came to capturing a generation of joy in one final sermon series, he turned to ten trademark truths to leave a ringing in his peoples’ ears.

These ten are world-shaking truths—each astonishing in its own way. First, they turned Piper’s own world upside down. Then his church’s. And they will continue to turn the whole world upside down as the gospel of Christ advances in distance and depth. These surprising doctrines, as Piper writes, are “wildly untamable, explosively uncontainable, and electrically future-creating.”

Join a veteran author, pastor, and Christian leader as he captures the ten astonishing, compassionate, life-giving, joy-awakening, hope-sustaining truths that have held everything together for him.


Author(s): Shawn McMullen
Publisher: N/A
Price: $3.49       Buy Now!


We were made for it.

It’s our heart’s deepest longing and our true spiritual home.

We were made for holiness at birth, created in the image of a holy God. And when we came to Christ, we were equipped for it in a special way. Our “new self” is “created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24).

But holy living doesn’t happen automatically. It requires effort. That’s why some sincere Christians still feel incomplete spiritually. They have yet to discover and follow the path that leads them home, where they identify with their Creator and share in his holiness.

Coming Home to Holiness is about three things: (1) First, it’s about a holy God. A God who is perfectly pure and sinless, who always does what is right and good. (2) Second, it’s about God’s plan to display his holiness in his creation. He calls us to identify with him in his holiness and he promises to bless us as we do. (3) Third, it’s about the path God laid out to lead us to holiness, a path paved by spiritual disciplines. As we practice the disciplines, we do what God asks us to do and then God does what only he can do to lead us to holiness.

If you’ve ever felt there was something missing in your relationship with God, if you’ve ever longed for a deeper walk with the Lord, Coming Home to Holiness is for you.

Author(s): David Robertson
Publisher: The Good Book Company
Price: $2.99       (July 22-23)
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Many Christians are fearful of engaging in conversation with atheists – believing that they will be hostile to Christian beliefs and conversations about the Bible.

This short book is designed to help both Christians and whole churches understand more about the questions and issues that atheists of various kinds have about Christian faith, and to reach out to them with the good news of the Gospel.


Author(s): Frank Sherwin
Publisher: Master Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

The oceans may well be Earth’s final frontier. These dark and sometimes mysterious waters cover 71 percent of the surface area of the globe and have yet to be fully explored. Under the waves, a watery world of frail splendor, foreboding creatures, vast mountains, and sights beyond imagination awaits. Now this powerful resource has been developed for three educational levels!

– Grasp a deeper understanding of the ocean tides, waves, and currents
– Explore the vast world of giant squids and other sea “monsters”
– Discover the impact of weather systems and the Great Flood on Earth’s land and seas

Learning about the oceans and their hidden worlds can be exciting and rewarding — the abundance and diversity of life, the wealth of resources, the latest discoveries, and the simple mysteries that have intrigued explorers and scientists for centuries. A better understanding of our oceans ensures careful stewardship of their grandeur and beauty for future generations and leads to a deeper respect for the delicate balance of life on that God created on planet Earth.


Author(s): Andy Stanley
Publisher: Multnomah
Price: $1.99       (Ends Aug 2)
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A growing number of next-generation Christians are eager to learn, grow, and lead in ministry or in the marketplace. Mentoring young leaders, as they face the unique issues of a changing world, has been a pastor and Visioneering author Andy Stanley’s passion for more than a decade. Here, he shares material from his leadership training sessions, developed to address essential leadership qualities such as character, clarity, courage, and competency. This is the perfect guide for any new leader — or for the mentor of a future leader! Clear, stylish typeset, with user-friendly links to referenced Scripture.

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