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Author(s):  Michael F. Bird
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Balanced, comprehensive survey of the critical questions involved in studying the four Gospels

In this book, through a distinctive evangelical and critical approach, Michael Bird explores the historical development of the four canonical Gospels. He shows how the memories and faith of the earliest believers formed the Gospel accounts of Jesus that got written and, in turn, how these accounts further shaped the early church.

Bird’s study clarifies the often confusing debates over the origins of the canonical Gospels. Bird navigates recent concerns and research as he builds an informed case for how the early Christ followers wrote and spread the story of Jesus — the story by which they believed they were called to live. The Gospel of the Lord is ideal for students or anyone who wants to know the story behind the four Gospels.

Watch an interview with Michael Bird from our Eerdmans Author Interview Series:

Author(s): Ben Witherington III & Laura M. Ice
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Price: 4.99       Buy Now!

The Shadow of the Almighty introduces readers to the nature of God by exploring the biblical references to God as “Father”, “Son”, and “Holy Spirit”. This fruitful approach offers fresh insight into the meaning of the biblical language used for God, giving readers the background necessary for properly understanding the trinitarian perspective of the New Testament and of the Christian faith”. “Divided into four chapters, the book looks at “Father” language in early Judaism, at “Father” language in early Christianity, at “Son” language, and at language designating the Spirit. This thorough review of the traditional God-language across the biblical texts shows what the earliest Christians understood by using these terms and, ultimately, what these terms mean for modern faith and practice”. “While much of this material is deceptively familiar, the authors’ close examination of how and where the different terms are used reveals some surprising results. It makes clear, for example, that speaking of God in trinitarian terms was not as radical a departure from early Jewish monotheism as many have thought, and it shows that while early Christianity was characterized by disparate ideas, the first Christians nevertheless shared a common understanding of God. Equally engaging findings of the book include the authors’ support for the traditional gendered term “Father” when speaking about God”. Complete with helpful questions at the end of each chapter, The Shadow of the Almighty provides an excellent place to begin a deeper study of God.

Calvin: A BiographyAuthor(s): Mr. Bernard Cottret
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Widely acclaimed in its French edition, this sterling biography of John Calvin sheds new light on the great Reformers personality by concentrating on the milieu in which he did his lifes work.

In the largest part of the book, Bernard Cottret develops a chronological examination of Calvins life, from his birth in Noyon to his ministry and administration in Geneva. In the final chapters Cottret explores thematic aspects of Calvins persona Calvin the polemicist, the preacher, and the writerand looks with greater depth at Calvins foremost work, the Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Balanced, cogent, and written with literary beauty, this biography will take its place among the bestand most enjoyableportraits of Calvins life, work, and lasting influence.

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