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Author(s): Arabah Joy
Publisher: N/A
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Thirteen years ago, Arabah Joy left a classy career as a CPA to live the nomadic life of a missionary.

Along the way, she’s eaten pig snouts and brushed her teeth with bamboo and salt toothpaste. Ugh.

She’s given birth in 3 different countries, adopted internationally, and moved more times than she can count. She’s had an abundance of opportunities to trust God… and her fair share of times when she didn’t.

Arabah Joy wrote Trust Without Borders as a vulnerable and compelling 40-day devotional book for women to deepen, strengthen, and stretch the reader’s trust in God. This unique devotional book is story-driven, taking the reader on a magnificent journey from leafy suburban America to the chaotic streets of Asia.

Part memoir and part spiritual guide, Trust Without Borders is a Christian book for women that gently weaves biblical truth with life’s everyday situations, from dishes and laundry to helping a needy stranger on a crowded subway. The result is an invitation for you, too, to see every aspect of your life as an opportunity to trust God…an invitation to trust without borders.

Let this daily devotional do for you what is has for countless others. Let it bring healing to your heart and eyesight to see God at work in your life. Yes, even yours.


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In this grab bag, we have 7 e-books from Harvest House. The prices and sale dates that they have provided are under each book cover.

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Ends May 31

Author(s): Stephen Seamands
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $2.99        (Mar 30-31)
Buy Now!

Much preaching today begins with the hearer’s “felt needs” and then moves to how Christianity can solve those problems. But this approach often results in trite Christologies that merely use Jesus as a means to an end or a vehicle for self-improvement. While preachers might not dispense with Christ altogether, other things subtly take center stage and become more important than Christ himself.

Pastoral theologian Stephen Seamands issues a stirring call to rediscover the centrality of Christ in preaching. Deftly blending doctrine and praxis, he revitalizes preaching by focusing on five key dimensions of Jesus’ work: his incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and return. Seamands highlights how preaching Christ crucified and risen speaks profoundly to the deepest dimensions of human existence. Addressing both the “what” and the “so what,” this exposition helps church leaders declare afresh that Christ alone is supremely sufficient for Christian faith and practice.

Pastors and preachers will find here significant resources for their churches’ worship, life together and mission in the world. Become captivated once again by the glory of Christ, and find yourself compelled to proclaim his work anew.


Author(s): Darrell Ferguson
Publisher: N/A
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Nothing in life is more important than delighting in God. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. And this is only possible through ever-increasing understanding and appreciation of what God is like. What’s So Great About God? is a series of meditations taken from the personal devotional studies and prayers of pastor Darrell Ferguson designed to assist in opening the readers’ eyes to the wonders of the goodness of the glory of God.

Author(s): Rebecca Deng
Publisher: Faithwords
Price: $3.49       (Ends April 6)
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Many stories have been told about the famous Lost Boys but now, for the first time, a Lost Girl shares her hauntingly beautiful and inspiring story.
One of the first unaccompanied refugee children to enter the United States in 2000, after South Sudan’s second civil war, took the lives of most of her family, Rebecca’s story begins in the late 1980s when, at the age of four, her village was attacked and she had to escape. What They Meant for Evil is the account of that unimaginable journey. With the candor and purity of a child, Rebecca recalls how she endured fleeing from gunfire, suffering through hunger and strength-sapping illnesses, dodging life-threatening predators-lions, snakes, crocodiles, and soldiers alike-that dogged her footsteps and grappling with a war that stole her childhood.
Her story is a lyrical, captivating portrait of a child hurled into wartime, and how through divine intervention, she came to America and found a new life full of joy, hope, and redemption.

Author(s): Iain M. Duguid
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Price: $1.99       Buy Now!

Hero. Someone we admire, someone we want to be like. But does your idea of a hero include someone poor in spirit? Meek? Merciful? In this fresh look at the Beatitudes, Iain M. Duguid shows how Jesus turns our concept of a hero upside-down. The Beatitudes hold out to us a higher form of heroism—the character and attitudes found in the Hero of heroes.

Author(s): Sarah Beckman
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

“Alongside provides valuable insight and practical approaches to caring for those who need it most.” —Michael Hyatt, New York Times–bestselling author

Whether it’s cancer, death of a loved one, long-term illness, or another significant challenge, we all know someone facing trial. We wonder, “What can I do to help?” Filled with practical tools, personal experience, and insights from those who’ve faced hardship, Sarah Beckman delicately weaves together action and inspiration to create this comprehensive resource. Alongside will become your trusted guidebook so you’ll know exactly how to bring life-giving help, hope, and encouragement to people you care about in their greatest time of need.

“This readable, practical guide provides concrete actions for talking (or not) and acting to aid another person who is in distress . . . useful to readers of all faiths . . . This book will be of great value to readers who are struggling to help others in difficult times.” —Publishers Weekly

“Alongside is equal parts practicality, encouragement, and challenge—and desperately needed! All I can say is I wish I’d had it earlier, I will refer to it often, and I will share it every chance I get.” —Keith Ferrin, author of The Expert Interviews

“Sometimes all it takes to make a huge impact on someone’s life is simply to be present. Kudos to Sarah Beckman for addressing a very important issue which we will all encounter at some point in our lives.” —Joanne Fairchild Miller, author of Creating a Haven of Peace

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