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Mommy, Why Do We Have Easter?Author(s): Lou Yohe
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
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Jimmy was excited! Across the street, Mrs. Smith was decorating her house for Easter … With an understanding of Jesus’ resurrection, Jimmy and his mommy make plans for a ‘Resurrection party’ instead.

Author(s): Jim Hylton
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: FREE       (Ends April 11)
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While revival may be for a season, the Kingdom of God is “unshakeable and never-ending.”

The Supernatural Skyline unpacks revival, then proposes God’s greater plan of continuing Kingdom encounters. Full of supernatural experiences and practical expressions of Christ living in and working through His people today, The Supernatural Skyline will expand your vision of the Kingdom to include exciting new spiritual possibilities.

Written for thinking Christians who want church life to be meaningful, relevant, and culturally engaging, The Supernatural Skyline contends that the church needs to accept the “keys to the Kingdom” and use those keys to unlock doors currently closed to Christ and His purpose.

Defining the Kingdom of God as Jesus’ life enacted in every sphere—justice, government, economics, education, art—any realm that influences people and their culture—this book will challenge you to consider fresh concepts and biblically sound principles.

the two princessesAuthor(s): Dian Layton
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       (Ends April 7)
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The Two Princesses takes place inside “The Kingdom of Human Heart.”

Within every person there is a desire to do what is helpful and good; but we also have the desire to life selfishly. This timeless story will help children of all ages to realize the great value of being kind and compassionate.

awakening pure worshipAuthor(s): Jeff Deyo
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       (Ends Mar 21)
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Find Your Way to Greater Closeness with God

Jeff Deyo invites you into a conversation about worship in a book that was written for anyone seeking to experience the Lord in a deeper way.

Does God’s presence seem distant? Do you have a friend who has grown numb to the things of God? Have you given up on hearing God’s voice in the way so many authors and preachers talk about? Are you ready to awaken your life to a vibrant, one-on-one relationship with the Father once and for all? This is your moment.

Your hope is about to be restored as you consider these questions and more:

Are we truly present in God’s presence?
Do we encounter songs, artists, and atmospheres without encountering God Himself?
What do we do when we lose the emotion that often surrounds worshiping God?
Why are so many of us tempted to put ministry for God above intimacy with God?
Are we unintentionally worshiping the image of a false god when we cherry-pick easy-to-swallow scriptures about God’s character?
Can the good work of serving the poor and moving in the supernatural cause us to miss the one thing?
Do we allow potential embarrassment to keep us from loving and worshiping God extravagantly?
Shift your perspective on relationship with God from obligation to invitation and rediscover authentic worship that reaches from the secret place to the marketplace.

Author(s): Wayman Ming
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

More than just crying out for revival and restoration-as has been done by many over the centuries – author and pastor Wayman C. Ming Jr. compassionately and sincerely calls for a complete re-formation and points out a significant spiritual problem in the modern Church.
“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 36:26).
Re-Forming a New You explains how every aspect of Christian life-from family and how to raise children to careers and relationships-needs to be looked at from a biblical, spiritual perspective.
You will learn how to:
  • Root out bitterness.
  • Overcome failures.
  • Recognize your calling.
  • Take the pieces of your life apart and put them back together again in a way that forms a new you!
The truths revealed in Re-Forming a New You become catalysts for spiritual re-formation in you, at home, and in serving others. This book is perfect for individual or group study as the practical applications about personal prayer and life transformation can be applied to all willing believers.

Choosing to WaitAuthor(s): Laura Gallier
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: FREE       (Ends Feb 28)
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This book goes beyond boundary setting, and instead empowers parents to cultivate convictions in their children so they can stand strong when faced with temptation. While other books focus on modifying a child’s behavior, this book gives parents the power to ignite lasting character transformation in their kids. Parents are equipped to effectively convey truths through a healthy discipleship connection. Author and mother of three Laura Gallier focuses on three critical areas: Preparation, Application, and Motivation. She guides parents and children into a biblical understanding of the purposes and sacredness of sex within marriage as well as the realities of sexual sin. She also provides practical tools to assist parents in this sometimes awkward (but very crucial) life issue. Arm your kids today with emotional, spiritual, and physical ammunition that will keep them from making the wrong choices.

Author(s): Steve Wisniewski
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: FREE       (Ends Feb 3)
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In our Christian faith, we’re either drawing closer to God and to His purposes for our lives or drawing further away. Like an athlete in training, there can be no middle ground.

– from the introduction

Steve Wisniewski spent thirteen seasons playing offensive guard for the Oakland Raiders. Considered one of the NFL’s “dirtiest players,” Steve was aggressive and tenacious, proudly wearing the silver and black. But everything changed when his eyes were opened to the importance of following God’s call for his life.

As the “ugly duckling” of his family, Steve overcame incredible odds. He was transformed from a timid boy, whose family was shattered by divorce, into a committed husband and father. He was physically changed from being crippled by an automobile accident and became an All Pro football player. Once a mean competitor, he is now a minister of the Gospel. Steve didn’t let the odds define him; he defied the odds and started fulfilling his destiny!

In Hand on the Line, Steve transparently shares his powerful story that will encourage you on the journey to becoming a Godly man. If God could heal Steve’s past, transform his present, and direct his future, the same God can accomplish amazing things through you!

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