The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever: From Pentecost to the Present

The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever: From Pentecost to the PresentAuthor(s): Elmer Towns & Douglas Porter
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
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IN WAVE AFTER WAVE, epoch after epoch, God has come to enflame the hearts of believers and to bring new life to countless men, women, and children. God-sent revivals display a glorious diversity of methods, milieus, and models.

Drs. Elmer Towns and Douglas Porter collaborated to write this fast-moving series of accounts and determined their order of One through Ten after asking seventeen Christians prominent in their fields of study and outreach: “Which revival epochs are the greatest of all time?” This book will both inform your mind about the living history of Christian revivals and ignite your passion for the next wave of revival. May it come in our time!

“I’ve read no better menu of revival that this book. If you can read this book and not feel the hunger pangs of longing for what God can do today, maybe you’d better check your spiritual pulse!”

TOMMY TENNEY Author, The God Chasers

“This new book, The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever, will help to accelerate the current worldwide revival.”

BILL BRIGHT Campus Crusade for Christ

“ If the Lord tarries another fifty years, this book will no doubt become a biblical lens through which to correctly interpret the revivals of the first half of the twenty-first century. It is a must read for all those who hunger and thirst for God to send a sweeping, weeping, reaping revival around the world!”

National Evangelists Representative, Assemblies of God

“…Beautiful heart-gripping stories of God moving powerfully to show his glory in revival. As I put the book down, I could only pray, ‘Lord, do it again, that your people may rejoice in you.’”

Billy Graham Center Institute of Evangelism

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