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Author(s): A.J. Turner
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99        (Ends Nov 23)
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Have you ever wondered why we are overcome instead of overcoming?

Why does every circumstance in life seem to swallow us up rather than us conquering it?

We were created to conquer not to be conquered. We were purposed to overcome not to be overcome. On most days, however, if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t feel like this is true; we feel defeated, we feel destroyed.

In Overcome, you will be challenged and encouraged to know we can overcome because Jesus overcame it. Through the biblical account of Peter walking on water, we discover how to rise above our situations, circumstances, and problems.

So, get ready to elevate your life to new heights. Brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime. Once you soar into a life of overcoming, there is no sinking back into a life of overwhelming.


Author(s): S.A. Jewell
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

Is their world on the brink of obliteration?

Jason has it all—a great family and an exciting, successful career. But in a blink, it’s all gone, and he struggles to find out why.

Mona Foster, the President of the United States, wrestles with Christian theology while trying to lead the country. When people around the world suddenly go missing, she finds herself wondering if what she believes is real or if science has an answer.

Prime Minister Ben-Zion looks for reality in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. When multitudes suddenly disappear, Ben-Zion starts wondering if the truths he reads in the Bible are true.

Marcus Junius is an ambitious, brilliant politician who uses chaos to seize power as millions scramble for answers in the face of tragedy, fear, and inexplicable loss of control.

Could this truly be the rapture foretold in the Bible?

Using Bible Scripture and creative and vivid storytelling, S.A. Jewell has woven an amazing story of fantastic proportions.


Author(s): Kenneth D. Moore
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99        Buy Now!

“While there is a tendency to think that escaping trials will be the beginning of praise and joy, the Bible suggests that praise and joy can occur in the midst of pain and suffering.”

In Why Me?: Reasoning with God’s Sovereignty in the Midst of Suffering, author Kenny Moore uses the study of Joseph’s life to seek to understand his own circumstances out of his control, and he uses Joseph’s story to teach the reader how he fights through feelings of isolation, learns to trust God, and works through his own battle with cerebral palsy.Why Me? shares Moore’s journey from anger to gratefulness, the struggles and blessings along the way, and seeks to:

help readers identify obstacles that need to be conquered,
reveals how convictions help triumph over temptations,
offers insight between grace, forgiveness, and restoration,
teaches readers to embrace truths and enjoy peace, and
encourages readers to worship and thank God passionately even in the midst of trouble.
Why Me? provides inspiration that life does not need to be perfect in order to have peace.

Learn to experience joy and peace now!


Author(s):  George E. Rittenhouse
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

Can a mysterious plan save the global economy, or will a man lose his life because of it?

The world is on the brink of economic disaster with the United States at its center. A combination of an entitled society, economic mismanagement, and strong political forces have brought things to the edge of despair.

Everything seems lost until the American president agrees to his involvement in a master plan that’s success lies in its secrecy. Little does he know that a mysterious, satanic group called the Thirteen has devised the plan and will stop at nothing to ensure it’s a success.

Randy Grant is a simple minister who supplements his income by doing economic research. After unintentionally stumbling across the secret plan, Randy realizes the danger that he is in. The government wants him in custody. The Thirteen want him dead. Neither option appeals to Grant, but can he insure his safety?

Author George Rittenhouse combines elements of mystery and adventure in this captivating novel as he follows unlikely hero Randy Grant on a mission of life and death with the fate of the economy on his shoulders.

Blue Dollar is a chilling reminder of what could potentially happen, and is a must-read for those that love End Times suspense novels!

Author(s): Chad Pettit
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99        Buy Now!

An angel with amnesia. A demon with a vendetta. The man caught in their crossfire.

Lester Sharp has been given a second chance to live a life of compassion, but his decision to follow God will be tested when his estranged father calls to tell him his brother has been killed in combat. A demon unleashes a series of attacks on him, and someone he thought was lost to his past emerges.

Lester is guarded by the angel, Draven, but when Morane catches the watcher off his guard, Draven loses his memory and finds himself being held prisoner in a remote Somali village. His only ally is Ibrahim, a man who finds out his son has been murdered by extremists when his granddaughter appears out of nowhere and somehow possesses supernatural powers.

As Morane’s fury is unleashed, time is running out for Lester, and Draven’s fate is in the hands of a man whose faith is being pushed to the limit.

While Lester fights for his life—and for his soul—will he make the right choices, or will he decide—once and for all—that he doesn’t need God? And why is one man so important in the midst of spiritual warfare?


Author(s): Dr. Jim Mann
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99        Buy Now!

Grief will touch us all at some point, and it comes in many forms, great and small: loss of loved ones, loss of a dream, a broken marriage, accidents and disasters, even the loss of a beloved pet or a move to a new town.

After a sudden death in his family, Pastor Jim Mann found himself unprepared to handle the unfamiliar issue of grief. An idyllic childhood made grief an unfamiliar foe. Years of seminary and pastoral ministry hadn’t prepared him. So the Lord led him on his own journey through grief. Daily, he read the Bible, prayed, cried, and journaled his thoughts. A New Normal: A Journey From Loss to Joy is the result.

When we experience loss, life changes and will never be normal again; it can’t be . . . life is different now.

But God will lead you to a new normal. The key is dealing with your grief head-on, owning it. As you bring God into the process, seeking answers and relating your fears, struggles, and even anger to Him, He promises to walk you through the grieving process.

This honest and insightful month-long journal is intended to help the reader work through grief in a healthy, healing way. You can emerge from the process in a stronger relationship with God and prepared to get on with life.

Not only will you be stronger after the journey, you will be better prepared to help others who may need you.


Author(s): Matthew Sink
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99        (Ends Oct 19)
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For many students, the middle school years represent a harrowing journey. As the landscape around them changes rapidly, many students lose their way. That’s because the path through the middle winds through difficult terrain:

  • The quicksand of popularity
  • The rapids of sexual awakening
  • The forest of insecurity
  • The bustling metropolis of electronic media

How teens navigate this journey is crucial. Those who embark without clear direction steer their lives in a direction they never intended and end up in places they never wanted to be.
A Map For the Middle is written to offer direction and insight for the middle school journey. Through personal stories, observations, and warnings, this book seeks to help early teens understand exactly where they are, and how they can safely arrive at the place God wants them to be.


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