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a word for the wearyAuthor(s): Kevin Stevens
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       (Apr 14-20)
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A Word for the Weary speaks directly into the hearts of those who are passing through difficult seasons in their lives.

As you read through this devotional, day by day the Spirit of God will encourage you the reader to continue moving forward even through the most difficult of circumstances. As much as a tragedy or a severe trial can seemingly alter the whole course of your destiny, it takes only one word from God to turn things around and change your lives!

God will bring to pass His promises concerning you!

Are you in a season of feeling weary and without strength? Do you feel like you are in a spiritually dry and desert place? Perhaps you feel like you are wandering through the wilderness. Then this book is for you!

God has a word for you right now in the season you are in. Ambassador International

titanics last heroAuthor(s): Moody Adams
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       (Ends April 20)
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The Inspiring Love Story That Will Change Your Life

Over one hundred years ago, an “unsinkable” luxury liner sank on its maiden voyage. More than 1,500 men, women, and children tragically lost their lives after the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912.

Shockingly, many who perished had refused to board the lifeboats at first, believing the ship as truly indestructible and would not sink!

From that dark disaster shines an inspirational love story—the true story of one man’s great love for his Savior and for humankind. This is the story of John Harper, the Titanic’s last hero, who set his only child in a lifeboat before setting his sights on the salvation of the lost souls around him.

Re-live John Harper’s last hours as the ship took on water and passengers swarmed the decks. “Let the women, children, and the unsaved into the lifeboats!” was Harper’s cry.

Discover, through the testimonies of those who knew him, what inspired this man to go down with the ship and flounder in icy waters under a starry sky as he searched for doomed souls who needed his message of love and salvation.

The Titanic’s Last Hero presents a hero whose courageous story you will never forget.

all i have needAuthor(s): Miriam Jones Bradley
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

“Miriam has a poignant way of sharing the rich lessons of a family heritage while interweaving spiritual truths. Her book emphasizes the importance of family as a firm foundation on which our morals, values, and esteem are built. She provides a beautiful example of the importance of family legacy.”
Dr. Michelle L. Bengtson, Neuropsychology Associates of North Texas, P.A.

What legacy have you received?
What legacy are you leaving?

Miriam Bradley likes to say her childhood was nearly perfect, marred only by the death of her mother.
Through stories about the common sense wisdom of the adults in her life, the author shares how God gave her everything she needed, even in the face of such loss.

These stories are also a challenge. Can you identify your own God-given legacy? What kind of legacy are you leaving? Will those who follow be able to say, like the author, all I have needed has been provided?

All I Have Needed A Legacy is a celebration of the gift the author received from God, wrapped up in her parents and grandparents, and is an encouragement to parents and grandparents everywhere as they influence generations to come.

Author(s): Blake Western
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: FREE       (Ends Apr 12)
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How would you respond in the presence of someone who did something you had never seen done before, something you thought impossible, something that you never dreamed about? 

No doubt you would be awe-struck. You might gasp and say, “Wow!” Perhaps no words would come at all. It would probably be etched into your memory forever. However many times you might speak about what you saw, you would relive that moment and still be greatly amazed. 

People who saw what Jesus did and heard Him speak had similar reactions. They said such things as, “We have never heard anyone speak like this.” It was not only the friends of Jesus but even unbelievers who responded with amazement. And there were times when even Jesus Himself was amazed. 

There was no special halo around Jesus that caused such reactions. Jesus fully entered into humanity. Nothing marked Him as being from another planet. He spoke, ate, slept, walked, and talked as a man. 

What was there about Jesus that caused people to be so surprised? 

Astonished Beyond Measure: Surprising Responses to Jesus calls attention to all the things about Jesus that astonish us; His miracles, words, authority, answers, questions, control, humility, and knowledge of all things. The more we know Him, the more wonder will fill our soul. 

Even today we can stand amazed before Jesus, our Lord and Savior! He is ever super-amazing!

Author(s): Sam Gordon
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

“Sam Gordon’s book is nothing short of a classic commentary on Ephesians. It is written with excellence.”
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Ephesians has a real Texan feel to it. It’s big! Really big! Big on blessings. Big on peace and reconciliation. Big on prayer. Big on church. Big on marriage. Big on relationships. Big on handling conflict. Above all, big on grace and big on God!

A commentary of Ephesians, The Genius of Grace is the fourth book in the Truth for Today series.

“Every time I read a book by Sam Gordon I am instructed, blessed, and challenged.”
President, Back to the Bible International

“A welcome addition to my library. I found it hard to put down. Its message is inspirational and potentially life changing.”
Chairman, Fellowship of European Broadcasters

“Invaluable to any preacher and a treasure for every reader.”
Portstewart Baptist Church

“A well-illustrated look at a life transforming letter.”
Director, Capernwray Hall

“Sam has the ability to dig deep theological wells that yield clear, refreshing truth . . . this one is worth having and worth reading.”
Senior Pastor, Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC

grace and lavenderAuthor(s): Heather Norman Smith
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $3.49       Buy Now!

Recently retired Colleen Hill is always busy, constantly on a quest to make life more interesting.

When the ladies’ group at her church partners with the local children’s home, Colleen jumps in as usual, volunteering to share her passion for cooking with a troubled teenager named Grace. But Colleen must balance the new project with her pursuit of becoming a contestant on a television game show, along with all the other ideas her brain continually spins out.

Colleen’s daughter Melody is quite different. She lives a calm, simple life and is content with who she is. That is, until an unexpected opportunity to work with Grace, too, pushes her to reevaluate life and dare to take on bigger dreams. The path starts with a newly-found interest in soap-making and leads her to responsibilities she didn’t even know she wanted, including helping Grace understand the meaning of her name.

Grace & Lavender is a book for all audiences—a heart-warming story that reminds us to seek God’s purpose for our lives.

pastors and deaconsAuthor(s): Carl Herbster & Ken Howerton
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $1.99       Buy Now!

“Pastor & Deacons is a must-read for all those in church leadership. . . .This book is biblical, practical and helpful. It is chock-full of “how to” ideas that will strengthen relationships and promote spiritual unity in the local church. The principles on church discipline and the chapter on “Dealing with Difficulties” are worth the price of the book. Pastor, get this book and you will refer to it often.”
Dr. Tom Farrell

How should a church be organized?

What functions do the pastors, deacons, and congregation serve?

Who qualifies for the offices of pastor and deacon?

How should a church manage its finances?

How does a congregation biblically address problems?

As fellow servants in the same church, Carl Herbster and Kenneth Howerton have collaborated in the writing of Pastor & Deacons: Servants Working Together to answer these important questions and many more. The “on-the-job,” real-life experiences of the authors make this a particularly practical book.

Pastor & Deacons is a practical exposition and application of biblical principles of church organization and leadership.

Additional Endorsements

“Pastor & Deacons offers insights and practical suggestions for every pastor and deacon who longs to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The biblical philosophy presented in this book reminds us of the important pastor/deacon relationship.”
Paul Chappell, Senior Pastor
Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster, California

“I have found Pastor & Deacons a wonderful tool to teach the practical aspects and proper relationships of the two church offices we Baptists hold so highly. Any pastor, deacon, or ministerial student will benefit greatly as he draws from this well of practical wisdom!”
Rick Arrowood, Senior Pastor
Crosspointe Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I commend Dr. Carl Herbster and Mr. Ken Howerton for providing this excellent ministry resource for pastors and deacons. Thoughtfully, thoroughly, and biblically written, Pastor & Deacons provides highly valuable insight to the men leading today’s local churches.”
David C. Gibbs III
Christian Law Association

“This is a must-read for pastors, pastoral staffs, deacons, and other church leadership. It biblically presents the qualifications and responsibilities of both offices and practically shows how to function together within the church for the glory of God and the edification of the body. . . . I use this book regularly in training conferences for pastors and church leaders.”
Matt Williams
Vice President for Ministry Affairs,
Northland International University

“Dr. Herbster and Mr. Howerton’s book offers insights and practical suggestions for every pastor and deacon who longs to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The biblical philosophy presented in this book reminds us of the important pastor/deacon relationship. I am confident this material will be a great help to local churches everywhere.”
Paul Chappell
Pastor, Lancaster Baptist Church

“I have found Pastor & Deacons a wonderful tool to teach the practical aspects and proper relationships of the two church offices we Baptists hold so highly. . . . It is leadership books like this that I find most helpful in my ministry. Any good pastor, deacon, or ministerial student will benefit greatly as he draws from this well of practical wisdom!”
Dr. Rick Arrowood
Senior Pastor, Crosspointe Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

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