The Resurrection of History: History, Theology, and the Resurrection of Jesus

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Author(s): David Bruce
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Did Jesus really rise from the dead? And does it really matter?
In The Resurrection of History, David Bruce explores what historians, theologians, and New Testament scholars have said about the resurrection of Jesus from a historical point of view. Bruce argues that scholars don’t have to dismiss the scriptural witness that “he is risen” as metaphor or wishful thinking.
Bruce examines the development of the art of history writing and explores the theological possibilities now open to scholars in the twenty-first century. Using contemporary examples, Bruce helps his readers come to grips with the interrelationship of history and theology and think like theologically-informed historians. Respectful of varying points of view, Bruce defends the traditional, orthodox view of the resurrection and challenges his readers to consider the implications for Christian faith and witness if, in fact, the resurrection of Jesus was historical.

“In The Resurrection of History, David Bruce treats readers to a learned yet accessible discussion of history and resurrection, rightly asking what the resurrection of Jesus meant for his first followers. This well-written book provides the intellectual context in which critical assessment of the resurrection of Jesus should take place, as well as the theological context in which Christians should seek a deeper understanding of the event that lies at the heart of their faith. Believers and nonbelievers alike will profit from this book.”
–Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Is the story of the resurrection historically true? Many popular answers ignore the problem that David Bruce faces squarely in this book: scholars have been disputing what a historical truth looks like! In a clear and engaging writing style, Bruce gives a masterful, accurate, and up-to-date picture of how historians and other experts think about the past. Be prepared for some surprises, and a lot of common sense.”
–Alan L. Hayes, Professor of History and Director, Toronto School of Theology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“David Bruce proves a masterful guide to the labyrinth of Christian thought about the relation of faith and theology to historical inquiry, with particular focus on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Exploring the philosophical suppositions of modern historiography, and the stances of major theologians, Bruce defends an ‘orthodox’ belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus with sensitivity to those who find this difficult to believe in our time. An excellent resource for theologians, students, and laity alike.”
–Harold Wells, Professor emeritus, Systematic theology, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David Bruce, DMin (Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena), PhD (St. Michael’s University, Toronto), has over twenty-five years of pastoral experience and now works with homeless and marginalized persons in downtown Toronto. He is the author of the popular Jesus 24/7 series and co-author of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel, Quran.

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