How to Pray Mountain-Moving Prayers: The Seven-Point Prayer Blueprint

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Author(s): Cee Braynen-Thomas
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The overarching reason for why we pray is simple: We want God to hear us! Not only do we want God to hear us, we also hope that one day, He will answer.

The foundational guidepost to prayer is given to us by the Holy Bible which is our ultimate blueprint. Follow this guide, which includes the Seven-Point Prayer Blueprint and watch your prayer life transform! This dynamic book will explore how to pray using the Bible as the ultimate blueprint, offering useful lessons and techniques along the way.

The goal of this book is to:
– Transform your prayer life for the better
– Offer hope
– Increase your faith, and
– Ultimately lay a pathway for you to grow closer to God.

Those who will benefit the most from reading this book are those who are:
1. New to prayer and unfamiliar about how to pray
2. Seasoned prayer warriors looking to add new tools to their prayer toolkit, and
3. Everyone in between!

After faithfully applying the Seven-Point Prayer Blueprint, you will be AMAZED at the supernatural wonders that can follow!

Prepare to learn. Prepare to grow. Watch your life change with the power of Mountain-Moving Prayers!

***Also included are words of wisdom from my praying grandmother.***

Words from the Author:
My goal in writing this prayer guide is to give you, the reader, a transformational prayer life, bountiful hope, limitless faith, and ultimately a pathway closer to God! Many blessings unto you!

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