Leveling Up: 12 Questions to Elevate Your Personal and Professional Development

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Author(s): Ryan Leak
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
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Experience explosive growth and success in your career and personal life by taking ownership of your personal development and understanding you don’t need to know all the answers—but you do need to ask the right questions.

Whether you’re a leader of ten, a hundred, or many more, there’s no one more important to lead than yourself. If you’re not leading yourself, why would anyone else want to follow you? Ryan Leak speaks to thousands of leaders every year, and he has learned that the most successful people have taken ownership of their own development—and in order to realize your potential, you need to fully understand yourself.

Being a great leader is not about having all the answers but asking the right questions—and that starts with careful introspection and inviting others to tell you what they see in you. Leveling Up helps you focus on the person you’re becoming and think about the goals you want to accomplish. Some of the twelve strategic questions in this book include:

What is it like to be around me? (The Self-Awareness Question)
What credit can I give away? (The Team Player Question)
Who knows who I really am? (The Transparency Question)
What’s my definition of success? (The Vision Question)
Do I have to do it all? (The Rest Question)
Am I enjoying it? (The Fun Question)

Leadership theory and business practices are important to study, but nothing is better than discovering the answers that will reveal who you are at your core, where you want to go in your career and life in general, and how you can influence and impact those around you.


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