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Author(s): Van Moody
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (June 21 Only)
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The key to the life you want is already within your grasp. Join bestselling author Van Moody as he helps you learn the 3 keys necessary to discover your life’s purpose and the satisfying fulfillment you’re longing for.

One question lies behind every struggle we face: How do I deal with myself? Behind all our stumbles, behind each of our missteps, behind every one of our failings lies an inability to handle what Moody calls the “I-Factor.” More than self-worth or self-respect, beyond even character and perception of purpose, the I-Factor is about managing yourself–your whole life–well. In this inspiring book, Moody reveals how to get hold of your I-Factor and finally get out of your own way.

In The I-Factor, Moody identifies three dynamics essential to winning the battle of the I-Factor:


Author(s): Christine Caine
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (June 17-23)
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Don’t stop now––there’s so much more ahead! Do you have what it takes to go the distance? The middle of any endeavor—career, relationships, ministry, health—is often when our resilience and perseverance waivers. This 100-day devotional will encourage and strengthen you in the messy middle when peace seems out of reach, the future feels uncertain, and life really gets hard.

Join bestselling author, human rights activist, and international speaker Christine Caine as she shares stories from her ministry experience and personal walk with Jesus, along with Bible passages and spiritual reflections, taking you on a devotional journey where you will learn how to:


Author(s): Tim Ross
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends June 16)
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In Welcome to the Basement, podcaster and thought leader Tim Ross shows you how you can achieve true and lasting greatness. But his tools and tactics might surprise you.

“If you’ve picked up this book, you have the opportunity to do more than you ever thought was possible.” New York Times bestselling author, Michael Todd

Ross has put them to the test in his own life, and he’s come to believe that the only way up is down, the only way in is out, and that downward mobility is your only hope for upward utility.

For far too long we’ve been held captive by false promises of hype and hustle in a world that needs hope and healing. Previously published as Upset the World—and now fully revised and rewritten for today’s unique challenges, circumstances, and opportunities—Welcome to the Basement is a rallying cry and a practical guide to God’s radical last-shall-be-first, least-shall-be-greatest way of living.


Author(s):  Anne Graham Lotz
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (June 7 Only)
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God has told us His story. Do we know it?

Anne Graham Lotz leads you through the first eleven chapters of Genesis, unlocking hidden messages in the familiar stories of Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the ark, the Tower of Babel, and others. She thoughtfully illuminates each moment of Creation with inspiring insights and probing reflections to better reveal God, the Creator of us all.

In God’s Story you will thrill to the beauty, majesty, and tenderness of God’s personal involvement in creating the world, and you will come to recognize the Creator’s infinite power at work in your life as well.


Author(s): Daymond Duck
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (June Only)
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The Smart Guide to the Bible: Prophecies of the Bible gives you the truth about fulfilled and future prophecies. You’ll learn how to discern the Sovereign God’s many messages-and messengers-as you discover all He has planned for you.

Smart Guide to the Bible is a series of simplified commentaries designed to uncomplicate God’s word for everyday Bible readers. Every page contains handy features or learning aids like these:

cross-references to other Scriptures
brief commentaries from experts
points to ponder
the big picture of how passages fit with the entire Bible
practical tips for applying biblical truths to life
simple definitions of key words and concepts
interesting maps, charts, and illustrations
wrap-ups of each biblical passage
study questions


Author(s): Sadie Robertson Huff and Christian Huff
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (Ends June 30)
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Do you feel your relationships are lacking deep connections? Do you feel your time with God could be more rewarding? New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, invite you on a 90-day journey to embrace a life-giving relationship with God and experience authentic, healthy relationships with your people and your community.

You are meant to be in relationships that bring joy and connection—that help you know soul-deep peace and leave you feeling loved instead of lonely. Instead, surface-level friendships, filtered social media feeds, unresolved conflicts, and unhealthy relationships can often seem to harm our self-worth, spiritual growth, and mental health—and keep us from the very relationships that could bring that true connection.

How to Put Love First reminds you that prioritizing and deepening your love relationship with God is the key to growing healthy relationships in every area of life. Through personal stories of their own walks with God, their pitfalls and victories in relationships of all kinds, and biblical encouragement, Sadie and Christian will help you:


Author(s): Dr. David Jeremiah
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $0.99       (May 28 Only)
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Do you have questions in regard to spiritual warfare? What is it exactly, and how does it impact our lives?

Trusted pastor and bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah brings clarity to the complex topic of spiritual warfare. From his years of teaching on this subject, Pastor Jeremiah has selected answers to your pertinent questions concerning victory in the spiritual realm.

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