Let Go of the Guilt: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Take Back Your Joy

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Author(s): Valorie Burton
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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Break Your Guilt Habit! In Let Go of the Guilt, life coach and bestselling author Valorie Burton teaches you a simple, but profound method that will free you from what she calls the “false guilt” that is so common today.

As you peel back the layers, you’ll feel the burden lift. And that’s when you make room for your authentic self and the joyful life that is possible for you. Through her signature self-coaching process, powerful questions, and practical research, she shows you how to:

recognize and overcome the five thought patterns of guilt,
break the surprising habit that tempts you to subconsciously choose guilt over joy,
stop guilt from sneaking its way into your everyday decisions and interactions,
flip those guilt trips so you can keep others from manipulating you, and
stop setting yourself up for stress, anxiety and obligation, and instead set yourself for a life of joy and freedom
Valorie’s journaling questions and research-based process will shift your perspective, give you clarity and courage, and equip you with a plan of action to let go of the guilt for good.


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