Is There Anybody Out There?

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Author(s): Mez McConnell
Publisher:  Christian Focus Publications
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Since the publication of ‘A child called “it”‘ by Dave Pelzer there hasn’t been a story like this. But this is not just another harrowing story about an excruciating childhood and the ravages on a life it produces. The difference is that Mez not only escaped from his ‘trial by parent’ but he discovered a hope that has transformed his life. He in turn has helped others find hope in their lives. Mez’s story is told with a frankness and wit that hides much of the pain and despair that was his everyday experience. Nevertheless, although his story at times may sicken you, his first brushes with the faith that restored him will make you laugh out loud! Mez’s life involved abuse, violence, drugs, thieving and prison – but you don’t have to fall as far as him in order to climb out of the traps in your life. Do you like happy endings? Mez still suffers from his experiences but you’ll be amazed at how far you can be restored from such a beginning.

“It’s an amazing, arresting and touching story.”
J I Packer ~ Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

“Mez McConnell is one of the most exciting young leaders I know, with a conviction about the gospel of Jesus Christ that moves him to reach out with the love of God to the people who live in the rough and tumble area in which he lives and works. In the chaos of people’s lives that have been devastated by drugs, alcohol and the neglect of society Mez comes boldly and sometimes brashly with the message of the love of Christ that can bash down any barrier. His story, the story of how Christ worked and continues to work in his life will inspire and humble any reader.”
Al Barth ~ Global Network Coordinator for Redeemer City To City, New York

“This is another story of God’s power to transform anyone who opens up their life to him. It would provide great encouragement to anyone working among the seriously deprived or engaged in prison work. It could also be valuable to pass on to anyone beginning to look towards Christ from a seemingly impossible background. It is a short, gripping and challenging story.”

British Church Newspaper

“This is a compelling, gripping, heart-wrenching, you-can’t-put-it-down story of sin and grace. Read this and thank God that, as Psalm 136 says, ‘His love endures forever.'”

Mark Dever ~ Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC


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