Conquering Life’s Battles (Books #1-2)

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Undefeated: God’s Strategy For Successful Living (Conquering Life’s Battles Book 1)
Author(s): Don Wilton
Publisher: Ambassador International
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Are you facing a battle in life?

Life is full of battles and struggles of all kinds. Undefeated by Dr. Don Wilton will lead you to recognize the real enemy and takes you straight to the Cross where you will find all you need for success in overcoming life’s battles.

Worldly success sometimes leaves one feeling empty and defeated, but with God’s strategy for success, you can live an undefeated life! But you do not have to fight your battles alone. In fact, by following God’s strategy, He will fight them for you, and with Him, you are always Undefeated.

Dr. Wilton, a frequent teacher at Bible conferences internationally, provides an in-depth study that will put you on the pathway to successfully conquer life’s battles.

Are you ready for a new kind of success?

Forgiven: The Power of the Cross (Conquering Life’s Battles Book 2)
Author(s): Don Wilton
Publisher: Ambassador International
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Dr. Wilton reminds all people that God has offered us forgiveness so that we can turn around and extend forgiveness to others. I am convinced that every believer will be edified and encouraged by reading this simple and life-changing book.—Robby Gallaty, Senior Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church President, Replicate.org

Forgiven by Don Wilton leads you straight to the Cross of Jesus where you can be absolutely certain that you are forgiven of your sins. But it doesn’t stop there.

The need for forgiveness, a result of God’s miraculous grace, is one of the deepest needs of the human heart.

Hurts run deep and it is difficult to forgive those who have wounded you. Many Christians live their lives needlessly handcuffed and chained to the past. In doing so, they pass down a heritage of bitterness and hatred to their children. A right relationship with God sets the stage for a right relationship with every other person in your life.

Forgiven will lead you to choose forgiveness over bitterness. It may seem inconceivable to you at this point, but God wants to use your story of forgiveness for His glory!

Are you ready for the power of the Cross to change your life for eternity?

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