The Butterscotch Story: Powerful Faith with Resolute Focus

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Author(s): Bill Fix
Publisher: People Pastor
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The Butterscotch Story is a book of true short stories about powerful faith with resolute focus. Butterscotch was a cocker spaniel puppy and is used as a metaphor to describe human behavior.


Was cute, curious, and courageous
Was drawn to distractions
Ran away from his master
Overstretched his boundary
Made a wrong turn
Became covered with dirt
Returned to his master

We are all prone to the same cyclic pattern. Or at least, that has been the story of my life. And, I am a pastor. I think most of us have made numerous wrong turns chasing things, thrills, and theories. Searching for, focusing on, and being obedient to the Lord helps interrupt this cyclic pattern of destruction. As people turn to Jesus they find help, and take a spiritual step-up in the trajectory of life.

Inside this book you will find:

The Butterscotch Story
The influencers (witnesses
God’s Ever-Presence
How God used a Magician
The Team Ministry Church
An Inner-Prize
Co-laborers make it happen
God’s call and Scary Faith
Turning Right changes lives

The stories found in The Butterscotch Story will arouse several emotions:

The joy of lives being radically changed by the Lord
The happiness that comes from doing the right things
The sadness of human disease and sin
The victory of seeing God move in miraculous ways
The heartbreak and ramifications of disobedience
The assurance that God can and will use faithful people
Peace that comes from a loving God

You can easily read this book leisurely in a few hours. Grab a hot cup of hot chocolate and enjoy The Butterscotch Story. The Author is known as The People Pastor. Dr. Bill Fix has written a few other books, including, The Dead-End Road, Memorials to Remember, and Custom Funeral Poetry. He has also written a delightful series of children’s books: Daddy Can I Go Fishing?, The Yellow One Eyed Monster, and The Day My Fishing Pole Got Away. He is currently working on another children’s book, Billy’s Funniest and Coolest and Neatest Transforming Truck. All of The People Pastor’s books are available on Amazon.com.


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