Attacking Anxiety: From Panicked and Depressed to Alive and Free

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Author(s): Shawn Johnson
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
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Shawn Johnson, lead pastor of Red Rocks Church, gives a searingly honest portrait of anxiety and depression and shows readers how to fight back and live free.

Shawn Johnson was the lead pastor of a thriving, fast-growing church. He was supposed to have it all together. But he was also struggling in silence with anxiety and depression, suffering from debilitating panic attacks that told him the lie that this would never end, that he’d spend the rest of his life in excruciating pain. Until one day he ended up sobbing and screaming on the side of the road. He had to be brought home by his wife and two friends, who removed any potential weapons from his house while he sat with his head in his hands, begging God for a miracle.

In Attacking Anxiety, Shawn vulnerably shares about this dark time and offers those familiar with that same struggle everything he’s learned in his battles with anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. As readers join Shawn on this journey, he will

expose the lies that lead toward isolation and replace them with the truths that are essential to survival;
reveal the things that most people don’t realize are adding more anxiety and depression to their lives and replace them with the wisdom and support that lead to true freedom;
explain what to do when you, or someone you love, is in the middle of a panic attack, and
guide you through what you need to know, what you need to start doing, what you need to stop doing, and what you need to remember in order to start attacking anxiety and depression.
This is not a one-and-done process that will completely free you from all brokenness, but it will help you recognize that, even in the middle of so much brokenness and overwhelming pain, God has a plan and a purpose for your life, and he is ready to heal you in ways you never thought possible.


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