31 Days of Praying God’s Wisdom for Myself

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Ladies, God wants to bless us with a wealth of wisdom. He greatly desires for us to be wise and knowledgeable, whether we have to deal with simple matters or difficult circumstances at home, in ministry, at work, or with friends. God is eager to anoint us with the ability to be aware, alert, and balanced in the running of our lives. He so wants to bless us with the Fruit of the Spirit – helping us to pursue excellence in daily living.


God innately made women tender and loving, natural nurturers of humanity – bringing honor and glory to His name. However, left alone, we (and the rest of the human race) are prone to being selfish, self-centered people who have the tendency to do perpetually silly, unproductive things. Our minds are often consumed with what is right for me: what I want for myself, what makes me feel comfortable, what I should be entitled to, or what I think I deserve. And our culture often promotes and encourages such unhealthy mindsets. Still, in the midst of such an unwholesome standard of living, women are called to be helpers, to foster positive growth, and to teach others: encouraging resilient godly legacies.

We are typically an “I” consumed nation. Let’s face it; choosing to live selfishly is a natural choice for us. Living wisely, on the other hand, is something we have to be proactive and intentional about, something that has to be taught to us. In other words, we need help! We especially need God’s help if we are to succeed in making wise decisions for the many concerns in our lives.


31 Days of Praying God’s Wisdom for Myself is a prayer book of devotions for women. It focuses on insights gleaned from a selected verse or verses from every chapter of the book of Proverbs. It is written as a prayer guide and is full of daily devotionals for women to support and aid all who genuinely desire God to fill them with His wisdom, empowering them to live holy, God-honoring lives.

The great need for wise insight is highlighted over and over again in the book of Proverbs. This book imparts wisdom for women by teaching us honest truths about how to use wisdom in watching what we say and do, and how we should treat others. It gives us sound principles for living holy and devout lives that bring honor and glory to God. The book of Proverbs indeed gives us instructions on how to grow in wisdom.


This devotional prayer book for women will encourage us as ladies to take out 31 days of focused time seeking God in prayer for His wisdom, His guidance, and His direction for the many issues and challenges we face. It features prayers for self-control, prayers for speech and attitude, prayers for wisdom, and so much more. This book will inspire us to look at His Word in the book of Proverbs and apply God’s insights to our daily walk.

We should expect to be challenged, stretched, and moved out of our comfort zones as we aspire to become better women: women who are kinder, more forgiving, God-fearing, respectful of others, and seekers of God’s blessings rather than those of man. The positive affirmation at the close of each daily reading should help us leave each day feeling blessed and encouraged.

This prayer book also seeks to inspire all of us as women to take time out to listen to God and to journal (Wisdom Notes) any directives or insights He imparts to us concerning ourselves and the various circumstances surrounding our lives.

Most of all, it strives to inform us, beautiful ladies, that we are not alone, that indeed, many others will be taking this exciting journey with us – praying diligently for ourselves and gleaning God’s vision for our lives!

31 Days of Praying God’s Wisdom for Myself invites women to look to God for His guidance and insight into our lives.

We pray. God answers.


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