A Chaplain’s Battle: Transcending Powerlessness in an Explosive World

Author(s): Lt. Col. Michael Jaques
Publisher: N/A
Price: $0.99       (June 25-July 1)
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Transcending Powerlessness in an Explosive World.

Army chaplain Michael D. Jaques tells the story of a young chaplain, confronted by feelings of powerlessness in a time of war and turmoil. As he struggles through episodes of defeat and domestic unrest, he must find a way to overcome the obstacles within his faith and, ultimately, his fear.

A Chaplain’s Battle is not a religious book, but rather a guide for all who feel lost, powerless, overwhelmed. This book is a primer on facing the challenges life throws in our paths with grace.

When we embrace our own powerlessness, we can transcend even the most difficult of traumas without giving in to fear, despair, or anger.

This book contains valuable stories we can all use NOW — and in the months and years to come. This is a book for the Pandemic Age – and beyond.

“This is an evergreen book. You won’t read it just once. It will always be helpful. A gift for the soul.”

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