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Author(s): Mary K. Mohler
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Price: $2.99       (May 10-11)
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Have you heard of Spurgeon?

Preacher, evangelist and stalwart patriarch of the Modern Western Church today. If the cliché ‘behind every great man is a strong woman’, is true, then Susannah Spurgeon remains one of the matriarchs of the same tradition.

Spurgeon was the bone companion of her husband. As a pastoral assistant, as Charles’ wife and support through trials, this woman’s biography has been a long time coming.

Mary Mohler has gathered information on Susie from sources spanning letters, devotionals and biographies. The result is a thoughtful, sympathetic and endearing epitaph to a sister in Christ, whose voice can no longer be ignored. Mohler allows room for academics, mothers, daughters and wives to dwell on Spurgeon’s joyful eagerness in Christ.


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May 10 Only

May 10 Only

May 10 Only

May 10 Only

Author(s): David Harwood
Publisher: N/A
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Are you a follower of Jesus and a lover of the Jewish people? If so, then this book is written with you in mind. For the Sake of the Fathers’ emphasis is on the New Testament revelation of God’s heart for the Jewish people. You’ll be encouraged and strengthened in your awareness of God’s love. You will be fortified in your convictions concerning God’s purposes. Your understanding of God will increase, and your capacity to fellowship with Him will deepen.

Author(s): Matthew West with Matt Litton
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (May 10 Only)
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Have you ever felt adrift and alone after losing a job, a dream, a loved one, or your sense of purpose in life? In The God Who Stays, Matthew West uses stories and Scripture to encourage you that wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, God is right by your side—and nothing can separate you from His love and grace.

Through the dramatic events of 2020 and the ensuing uncertainty and anxiety ever since, people’s lives and illusions of security have been turned upside down. Whenever our plans, hopes, and dreams are put on hold—or worse, lost forever—we feel discouraged, lost, and isolated, and desperately praying, “God, where are You?”

Matthew West’s newest book, The God Who Stays, is an engaging and thoughtful exploration, balanced with his trademark wit and humor, that helps us reconnect to the biblical truth of Immanuel—“God with us”—a personal Savior who never leaves our side and who always answers when we cry out for help.


Author(s): David H. Kranendonk
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

In ‘Teaching Predestination’, David H. Kranendonk focuses on the ministry of an early seventeenth-century Puritan-leaning theologian, Elnathan Parr (1577–1622). Although relatively unknown today, Parr’s works were popular in his own day. Kranendonk’s survey contributes a nuanced picture of this English Reformed pastor and demonstrates that Parr’s scholastic development of predestination, coupled with his pastoral concern for the salvation and edification of his hearers, resists the caricature of Reformed Scholasticism as being a philosophically speculative system. Here one sees the practical use of predestination for the care of souls as Parr and others aimed to help increase the faith and joy of God’s people.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Elnathan Parr’s Life and Ministry
3. Elnathan Parr’s Principles of Preaching
4. Elnathan Parr’s Exposition of Romans
5. Elnathan Parr’s Grounds of Divinity


In this grab bag, we have 4 e-books on sale in celebration of Mother’s Day. The prices and sale dates that they have provided are under each book cover.

Ends May 16

Ends May 16

Ends May 16

Ends May 31

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Book details:

Kregel: 40 Questions About Pastoral Ministry by Phil A. Newton vs. Invitation to Biblical Preaching by Donald Sunukjian

Intervarsity Press: Biblical Hermeneutics by Stanley E. Porter & Beth M. Stovell vs. Five Things Biblical Scholars Wish Theologians Knew by Scot McKnight

Reformation Heritage: The Brokenhearted Evangelist by Jeremy Walker vs. A Consuming Fire by Michael A. G. Haykin

New Leaf: The Great Turning Point by Terry Mortenson vs. Confound the Critics by Bodie Hodge

Good Book Company: Women and God by Kathleen Nielson vs. A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really) by Rachel Jones

Crossway: Reformation Anglican Worship by Michael Jensen vs. The Heritage of Anglican Theology by J. I. Packer

Christian Focus: George Whitefield by John Pollock vs. Hudson Taylor and Maria by John Pollock 

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