The Final Curtain: Fame, Fortune, & Futile Lives

Author(s): Ray Comfort
Publisher: New Leaf Press
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Does the Bible reveal why depression is such an epidemic and even debilitates the rich and famous? Best-selling author, Ray Comfort, turns society’s ideas about depression and suicide upside down in The Final Curtain: Fame, Fortune, & Futile Lives. In this documentary-style look at celebrities who shared publicly about their battle with depression and anxiety, Comfort responds to their pain with gospel conversations.

Each chapter is a teaching moment, allowing you to witness Comfort’s responses to celebrities living under the tyranny of depression including:

– Robin Williams
– Lady Gaga
– Bruce Springsteen
– Rosie O’Donnell
– Prince
– Michael Jackson
– Steve Jobs
– and many more

This ground-breaking ministry tool will equip you to respond effectively to your own need for relief and the needs of others.

Two Books for the Price of One

Flip The Final Curtain over and find a second book, From the Ledge; a fictional encounter revealing a gospel conversation with one who is contemplating suicide.

This uniquely designed, two-book duo provides the Christian community a biblical framework to continue Jesus’ work of setting the captives free.

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