How To Get Audible Deals

How To Get Audible Deals

When Whispersync was announced in 2012, Amazon began offering substantial discounts on audiobooks to those who purchase the Kindle version of the same title. Many audiobooks that regularly cost $10-15 can now be purchased for as low as 2, 3 or 4 dollars. Even though you need to purchase two products, often you can get both the e-book and audiobook for significantly cheaper than just purchasing one at full price.

A Real Life Example of Incredible Savings

Let me show you an example with “October Baby” from B&H Publishing.

If you’d like to listen to the audiobook it will cost you $9.95 on Audible (an Amazon owned company).

October Baby Audiobook (Full Price)

Recently October Baby went on sale in the Kindle store for $0.99. If you purchased the Kindle book, you’re now entitled to download the audiobook for just $1.99. So for less than $3 you could get the e-book and audiobook of October Baby. That’s incredible!

The Walk-through: Step #1

To take advantage of great offers like these, first verify there is a discounted audiobook available. Not every book has an audiobook, and not every one is available at a discount. When you’re viewing a Kindle book on Amazon look for the “Whispersync for Voice” box underneath the price which looks like this:

Get the Audiobook of October Baby for only $1.99

God Built Audiobook for $3.99The Walk-through: Step #2

Next, purchase the Kindle book and Amazon will bring you to their confirmation screen. On the right hand side of that page you’ll see a Whispersync box which will give you a direct link to the Audible audiobook. The image to your right is the box you’re looking for.

Now just click the “Buy at” button and complete the checkout process.

Works on FREE E-Books too

This particular example (God Built) is of an audiobook that’s available for $3.99. What’s great about this deal is the Kindle book was FREE. So instead of paying the $10.95 for just the audiobook I can get both for less than $4.

Kindle Books I Already Own: Did I Miss Out?

To see if a discount audiobook is available for an e-book you already own: 1) Login to 2) Search for an audiobook that you own the Kindle version of. If there is a discount available it will say “Special Price” like below:

Mark Driscoll's Latest Bestsellers for only $3.99

(Update: Feb 2015) You can also login to Amazon’s Matchmaker which is a simplier way to find out if an audible deal is available.

So if there’s a book you’d love to listen to, buying the Kindle version when it goes on sale may be the cheapest way for you to get that audiobook.

If you’ve never tried Audible before you can get two free audiobooks of your choice by clicking on the banner below:

If you have any questions about this feel leave a comment below. If you’ve found this how-to article helpful, please help us spread the word by sharing it.

  • Adam Shields

    This also works for some books that you borrow from the library. If the library book goes through the Kindle store (instead of download the book and load via usb, then you will get the same discount as if you had purchased the kindle book.

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  • Jeremy Gardiner

    Updated: Feb 27/15: Audible is now offering TWO free audiobooks instead of one with a free trial (see banner link above in post). Also, added a link to Amazon’s Matchmaker service which shows which Audible deals you have available.