You Choose the Sale: Oct 22-28

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Gospel e-books is working together with Christian publishers to allow you to choose what e-books you’d like to have discounted. Cast your vote below and the book with the most votes in each poll will be placed on sale soon after. If there are less than 100 total votes in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

Book details:

Kregel: Elders in Congregational Life: Rediscovering the Biblical Model for Church Leadership by Phil A. Newton vs. Confirming the Pastoral Call: A Guide to Matching Candidates and Congregations by Joseph L. Umidi

Intervarsity Press: Baptism: Three Views (Spectrum Multiview Book Series) by David F. Wright vs. Predestination & Free Will: Four Views of Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom

Cruciform Press: A World Upside Down: Four Essays on the Life and Theology of Martin Luther by Charles Fry vs. Knowable Word: Helping Ordinary People Learn to Study the Bible by Peter Krol

New Leaf: You Don’t Cry Out Loud: The Lily Isaacs Story by Lily Isaacs vs. When the King Was Carpenter by Maria von Trapp

Good Book Company: Tricky: The hardest questions to ask about Christianity (and some answers) by Michael Dormandy & Carl Laferton vs. If You Could Ask God One Question by Paul Williams & Barry Cooper

Crossway: Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You Should Care by C. John Collins vs. Interpreting Eden: A Guide to Faithfully Reading and Understanding Genesis 1-3 by Vern S. Poythress

Christian Focus: Christian’s Pocket Guide to How God Preserved the Bible by Richard Brash vs. How the Bible Can Change Your Life: Answers to the Ten Most Common Questions about the Bible by Josh Moody

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