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Gospel e-books is working together with Christian publishers to allow you to choose what e-books you’d like to have discounted. Cast your vote below and the book with the most votes in each poll will be placed on sale soon after. If there are less than 100 total votes in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

Book details:

Kregel: Mixed Ministry: Working Together as Brothers and Sisters in an Oversexed Society by Sue Edwards, Henry J. Rogers, Kelley Mathews vs. Sanctified Sexuality: Valuing Sex in an Oversexed World by Sandra Glahn and Gary C. Barnes

Intervarsity Press: Resurrecting Justice: Reading Romans for the Life of the World by Douglas Harink vs. “Here Are Your Gods”: Faithful Discipleship in Idolatrous Times by Christopher J. H. Wright

New Leaf: Falling Flat: A Refutation of Flat Earth Claims by Dr. Danny Faulkner vs. The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky by Dr. Jason Lisle

Good Book Company: His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God by Kristie Anyabwile vs. Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse: How Faith Brought One Woman From Victim to Survivor by Jennifer Michelle Greenberg

Crossway: Growing Together: Taking Mentoring beyond Small Talk and Prayer Requests (The Gospel Coalition) by Melissa B. Kruger vs. Everyday Faithfulness: The Beauty of Ordinary Perseverance in a Demanding World (The Gospel Coalition) by Glenna Marshall

Christian Focus: Compel Them to Come In: Calvinism and the Free Offer of the Gospel by Donald MacLeod vs. And Some Evangelists by Roger Carswell

David C. Cook: How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps: Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues by Patrick Quinn & Ken Roach vs. Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family: Avoiding the 6 Dysfunctional Parenting Styles by Michelle Anthony

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