Tag: What All of Hell Wants You to Keep Believing

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Author(s):  Pierce Taylor Hibbs
Publisher:  Truth Ablaze
Price: $4.99       Buy Now!

We’re all living under the power of the great lie, and it’s time for that to end. What would it be like if the whole world were living under a false assumption? What if that falsehood was shaping everything we’re doing: what we think, what we say, how we act? And what if the truth could set us free to live very different lives?

In The Great Lie, award-winning author Pierce Taylor Hibbs (Struck Down but Not Destroyed, Finding Hope in Hard Things, The Book of Giving) shows that we’re all decieved into thinking that God is not really present with us. We live under the sway of Satan’s great lie. But God, who is truth, has acted. He is with us always, through his speech. And the truth of God’s presence with us can help us live the most fulfilling lives. In this theological, poetic, and passionate call, join the author in order to . . .

Rid yourself of the lie that God is absent in your life
Learn to think confidently through God’s presence and word
Speak words of comfort, encouragement, and grace to those around you
Act selflessly for others and testify to God’s work in your own life

Come and see how the great lie is vanquished by the great truth. And find the God-given power to grow in the most important ways, to live faithfully before the presence of the personal God.

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