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Author(s): Grace Valentine
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (Feb 20 Only)
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In this inspiring guide for young women, Grace Valentine shines a spotlight on nine courageous women in the Bible who lived their faith boldly. In a world that pressures you to seek validation from others, learn to focus on what truly matters.

“What will they think?” It’s a question that consumes many women and may even stop them from living the lives God has called them to live. Whether it’s don’t be too loud, don’t be too aggressive, or your role is to be a sidekick for men, women struggle to live a life that is about pleasing others—but Scripture describes women who actually did the opposite.

In this third release from popular blogger and podcaster Grace Valentine, What Will They Think? features the stories of nine incredible women in the Bible, including Esther, Deborah, Sarah, Mary Magdalene, and Tabitha. These women did not bend to peer pressure or seek to people-please but instead turned their focus on God.


Author(s): Amy Clipston
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (Feb 16 Only)
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When a jilted romance novelist escapes to a small beach town, the last thing she expected to find was the start of an even better love story.

In the wake of a broken engagement and the death of her last surviving family member, romance novelist Maya Reynolds moves to the haven of Coral Cove, North Carolina, to take over her great-aunt’s toy store. Some of her grief is immediately eased when she is talked into adopting a kitten by the local veterinarian’s daughter, eight-year-old Ashlyn.

Ashlyn’s dad, local veterinarian Brody Tanner, is quickly smitten by the newest resident of his hometown—but as a single father, his focus is entirely on his little girl, and a romantic entanglement with Maya is not a distraction he is looking for.


Author(s): Billy Graham
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends Feb 29)
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Why is suffering the common lot of all people everywhere–believers and non-believers alike–and why does it seem that the world is out of control when it comes to the problem of pain and suffering? Who’s in Charge of a World that Suffers? includes an informative and inspirational new introduction by Franklin Graham that speaks to today’s reader in the midst of painful circumstances.

In this book, originally titled Till Armageddon, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham uncovers the clues the scriptures offer in answer to that universal question–why do people suffer? Readers will discover what the Bible says about:

Why Christians are not exempt from suffering
Living above your circumstances
The place of prayer in suffering
God’s promises for those who suffer
And much more


Author(s): Whitney English
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $3.99       (Ends Feb 29)
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A More Beautiful Life walks readers through setting HEART Goals, a proven framework that starts with helping you better understand yourself not by tracking and measuring everything to death but by meeting you right where you are.

Traditional goal setting sets us up for failure. Starting from a place of desired outcomes, we attempt to answer the question, “Where do I want to end up in life?”

Then we attempt to follow a plan that tells us to run in this direction and track our progress with journals, spreadsheets, and complicated tools. Often the plan is too long, too hard, and too elaborate. It’s not flexible, fluid, or dynamic­–in other words, nothing like real life. We focus too much on outcomes, letting the end justify the means, and often forget who we are in the process, missing the point of goal setting altogether. We need a system that allows us to embrace who we are and let that understanding guide us toward a better life.


Author(s): Anthony DeStefano
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends Feb 29)
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“The best book on hell ever written”. – Dr. Eastman, founding member and president, America’s National Prayer Committee

Anthony DeStefano, the bestselling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven, takes us on an exploration of hell, the devil, demons, and evil itself. Written with clarity, logic, and vivid storytelling, Hell: A Guide takes up questions such as:

Is hell a place or a state of being?
What does hell look like?
What kind of suffering do people in hell experience?
What are the devil and demons really like?
Rooted in solid, orthodox Christian scholarship, this one-of-a-kind book investigates everything there is to know about one of the most fascinating, yet often misunderstood, subjects of all time.


What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World
Carlos and Alexa PenaVega
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends Feb 18)
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The world saw Carlos Pena and Alexa Vega enjoying the success of their acting careers–Carlos on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and Alexa in the Spy Kids movies. But what they didn’t see was the question both Carlos and Alexa were asking in the midst of all that fame and fortune: What’s the point of it all anyway?

Overflowing with both laughter and honest reflections, What If Love Is the Point? shares Carlos and Alexa PenaVegas’ incredible story–from the red carpet, Spy Kids movies, and Big Time Rush to Dancing with the Stars to marriage and their greatest adventure, parenthood.

Join them as they:

Offer an inspiring window into how God builds young faith and strengthens it into lasting love
Give insight into how to put God at the center of relationships, family, and career
Explore why society’s expectations never fulfill our true needs
Share ideas for resisting the hustle of today’s culture and finding true rest
Carlos and Alexa believe that following Jesus was what they were made for–and they believe it’s what you were made for too. If you find yourself asking, “Isn’t there more to life than this?,” lean in to their remarkable story of tender faith, God’s persistent work, and learning why love is always the point of it all.

Praise for What If Love Is the Point?:

“This is more than a book. It’s a story of freedom, hope, redemption, and love. Being in the public eye, I understand the struggles they faced (and continue to face), individually and as a couple. I recognize myself in a lot of the stories they share. What If Love Is the Point? helped me heal from life’s wounds. It taught me that I’m not alone and I know this book will help so many others grow their faith and live out love. I didn’t want it to end.”

—Sam Acho, author of Let the World See You, analyst at ESPN, and nine-year NFL linebacker

Love Is the Point: 100 Days of God’s Love for You and How to Share It with Those Around You
Carlos and Alexa PenaVega
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends Feb 18)
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Love in action is what life is all about! Take a 100-day journey to recognize the ways that God shows love in your life and discover opportunities to share that love with those around you in this daily devotional–.

In What If Love Is the Point? Carlos and Alexa PenaVega shared how putting God at the center of their marriage, parenting, and career choices dramatically changed their lives and brought real fulfillment. Now, in Love Is the Point, they’ve created a 100-day devotional, inviting you to join them on the adventure of experiencing God’s love and boldly sharing that love with others.

This relevant and inspirational devotional will

inspire you to focus on God and his love in their everyday lives;
encourage you to see all of the ways that God shows his love whenever we seek him; and
Challenge you to put God’s love into action through reflection questions, tips for how to love people we don’t automatically connect with.
A practical and moving follow-up to their first book, this devotional reminds you that whether you are facing hardships or celebrating happy occasions, you can hear God’s quiet voice that encourages and empowers you to live with hearts full of love.

Because love is the point.

Author(s):  Eli Bonilla Jr.
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends Feb 29)
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Many of us feel like we don’t belong or are out of touch with our true identity. Discover how you can gain a stronger sense of who God made you to be and step confidently into every relationship, fully owning your unique distinctions and celebrating the differences of others.

Group dynamics can be based on the simplest forms of physical and cultural distinctions, and those who don’t quite fit the mold of a group can feel like outsiders. The reality is none of us fit into a box. We’re all unique with a mixed background—socially, culturally, experientially. For some of us, like Eli Bonilla Jr., we are also mixed ethnically. No one person is an identical copy of anyone else.

In Mixed, Eli questions the basis of unity and inclusion and explores the multiple components of our identity, discovering how they can all be reconciled for God’s purpose as we reflect His image. Mixed will lead you to:


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